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Journal Community
Name: slashy punk boys
Date(s): Created 28 September 2002 - Last updated 16 October 2016
Moderator: alien_grlfriend, dejectedmadness, ficticious_sky, lady_of_sadness, like_a_movie, x_stoked_x
Founder: worstdayever[1] or oconnor[2]
Fandom: multifandom

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slashypunkboys is a LiveJournal community "designed to SLASH the guys from our favorite bands: punk, pop punk, emo, emocore, emopunk... okay, you get the point. We're talking fanfiction, pictures of our boys, manips, poems, whatever."[1] Fans posted mainly fanfic, as well as some discussion and advertisements for other communities.

The comm was started a few weeks after the announcement banning music RPF, though it is not known if this was a motivating factor in starting the community. slashypunkboys could also have been inspired by Warped Tour, an annual summer music festival where most of the bands mentioned on the comm had played.

As soon as the comm was created, there were discussions about which bands were truly punk. The mod replied to one to say her intent was to exclude pop acts like NSYNC.[2]

It predates FBR/MCR Bandom, but fic for many of these bands was posted there, along with fic for Good Charlotte, Mest, Simple Plan, and others. Many of the stories include members from multiple bands.

The comm seems to have remained popular until the overall popularity of LiveJournal as a fannish platform declined. As of 2017, the comm has 19,660 posts; 101,099 comments; and 2970 members.[1]


Although the community was multiband, so many Good Charlotte and Mest fics were posted that fans of other bands started complaining.

In February 2003:

i object wholeheartedly to all the good charlott in this community. particularly the joel/benji stories. it's creepy. goodbye.[3]

In September 2003:

OK. I, and I'm sure other people, are not happy with the lack of varity in this comminity when it comes to pairings. 90% of the stories posted are GC or Mest. It is not enjoyable. I came up with an idea. I want to start a new punk band slash fic community. However this community would be moderated (I would need some help on that end...) so that there would be a nice varity of pairings. Any widespread pairing (GC, Mest...) would only be posted if it was of uber quality.[4]

boys_that_fuck (later deleted) was created a few days later.[5]

In July 2004, the future mod of mychemicalslash posted a community promotion for rareslashpairs:

Are you tired of all of the Mest and GC slash fics and are looking for something a little different to read? I have made a new community for people to post stories rarer pairings that have not been written as much so please post your stories there if you wish[6]

Earliest fanfic for Bandom bands

Although Bandom as a multiband fandom didn't get started until circa 2006, fic for some of the bands was already being posted on slashypunkboys:

While some pairings reflected later Bandom fans' interest, others are surprising. For example, because Fall Out Boy toured with Mest, a fan started posting Pete/Tony slash. Meanwhile, Quinn Allman from The Used was a popular subject of slash, in contrast with later panbandom fic, when the only Used members to be mentioned were Jeph Howard and/or Bert McCracken.


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