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Journal Community
Name: We're Just Two Men as God has Made Us
Date(s): 7 September 2004-28 April 2013 (last public post)
Moderator: xrainbowcloud, inpurity
Founder: bjosie182[1]
Type: slash fanfic
Fandom: My Chemical Romance

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mychemicalslash was the first general[1] slash LiveJournal community for My Chemical Romance. It was created a few days after the band's second album (first after signing to a major label) was released in the United Kingdom (the founder appears to be British) and possibly a few days before the music video I'm Not Okay was released.

Rules for posting fic:

The stories posted in this community MUST:
  • contain at least one member of MCR
  • be slash orientated. Het is permitted, but should not be the focus of the story
  • be beta'd
  • be properly disclaimed[2]

More community rules here.

Comments elsewhere on LJ indicate that fandom was not impressed by the overall level of fic quality at mychemicalslash. In a 2006 chemicalromance discussion about where to find good MCR fic, fans commented that "Around 99% of the fic there is pure crap" and "I'd seriously injure myself if I had to read too much from MCS in one sitting."[3] fuckyou_mcr, a venting community, includes a lot of complaints against badfic on mychemicalslash.

yeahchemical was started in 2005 as a more exclusive alternative for posting fic. Similar, but less successful, comms include mcrflockofdoves[4] and mychroma.

In September 2006, shadow_hive created b_paradeslash as "an alternative to mychemicalslash, as people have been having problems there due to the mods."[5] b_paradeslash was not very popular, but there was a flurry of posts around November 18, when mychemicalslash was temporarily deleted.[6]

The deletion was talked about in gerardxfrankie, where some fans thought Ray's comments about fanfic in a recent interview were the reason for the deletion.[7] At least one new community was created in response (3cheersforslash, but it was deleted).[8] However, the community was restored by November 19, and xrainbowcloud posted in mychemicalslash to say that "There were some technical issues, which are obviously sorted now, but so that people don't panic further and such, the deletion of the community was a one time thing and it won't happen again."[9]

In May 2007, xrainbowcloud announced that 67's mod privileges had been revoked, enumerated 67's various unmodly behaviors, and added "I know a lot of people are worried about the state of the community, and I'll be the first one to stand up and admit that it has gone down hill, although it's not the first time and no doubt the last, but it will pick up."[10] New mods were then added, including inpurity.[11]

After the band broke up in 2013, mod inpurity announced that the community would be closed to further posting but would not be deleted.[12]

As of 2016, the comm was still up and had 17,113 posts; 227,247 comments; and 2,766 members.[13]


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