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Journal Community
Name: keepin' it in the family...
Date(s): 31 August 2004-14 September 2014 (Last post)
Moderator: nz_bonjovi_gal, _silverjets, x_stoked_x?
Founder: _silverjets[1]
Type: incest slash fanfic
Fandom: My Chemical Romance

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geeheartmikey is a LiveJournal community dedicated to the incest ship Gerard/Mikey that was created in 2004. As of 2016 the community had 1,636 posts; 11,104 comments; and 1462 members. Posting slowed down in 2008-2009 and petered out around 2011.

At least two other Gerard/Mikey LJ comms were created[1], but geeheartmikey is the first. It is also the first MCR slash comm ever created[2], beating mychemicalslash by a week. This fact suggests a few possibilities: that an incest pairing was indeed the first popular ship in MCR fandom, or that incest shippers felt it would be safer to create a separate space for themselves.

According to the community profile, geeheartmikey was "THE OFFICIAL 'MOST HATED MCR-RELATED COMMUNITY' ON LIVEJOURNAL.COM! WOO YAY!"[3] This description was added in December 2004 after community members noticed[4] a very large discussion happening in the non-fanfic community chemicalromance, where someone posted asking "what exactly is geeheartmikey? I hear everyone going on about it."[5] The post got 195 comments, many of them using terms like "sick" and "wrong" to describe the comm. Many commenters also condemned MCR slash and/or fanfic in general. Some people defended the comm and said, basically, Don't Like, Don't Read.

The community became friendslocked after the chemicalromance drama.[6]


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