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Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Alternative name(s): Waycest
Gender category: m/m sibling incest
Fandom: My Chemical Romance
Canonical?: no
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Waycest is the popular term used by many Bandom fans to describe the slash relationship between the brothers Gerard and Mikey Way, respectively the singer and bass player in the band My Chemical Romance.

History & Popularity

Waycest is a relatively popular ship in MCR fandom. At the Archive of Our Own it is the second most popular ship for Gerard (after Frank/Gerard), with 515 occurrences of the pairing tag as of March 2018.[1]

Waycest also occurs as part of a threesome or OT3 pairing, most often involving Frank, or in Group Slut Fics.

The origin of the ship is likely the fact that they are close in real life. (Note that the canon information available also inspired gen fanworks and fanworks in which their relationship is depicted as platonic: see Gerard & Mikey Way.)

Waycest appeared very early in MCR fandom's history. The first LiveJournal comm dedicated to the pairing was geeheartmikey, created 31 August 2004. For comparison, the first Frank/Gerard comm (gerardxfrankie) wasn't created until 18 March 2005.

The timing of the LJ comm creation suggests a few possibilities: 1) incestfic wasn't universally accepted and fans wanted a dedicated space for posting it, 2) fans started shipping the brothers first because they didn't have enough information about the other band members to construct a story, or 3) early MCR fandom was influenced by the prevalence of incest in Good Charlotte and Mest bandslash that was being posted without shame by teenage RPF fans in multiband communities like slashypunkboys, where some early MCR fic was also posted. In fact, in the author's notes for the first Waycest fic posted to slashypunkboys, the author states that the fic was rewritten for MCR from an earlier Good Charlotte draft.[2] (Incidentally, the author went on to mod mychemicalslash; early MCR fandom was tiny.)

In a January 2005 Room Thirteen interview[3][4], the band itself suggested that fans had been writing Waycest even earlier:

Well actually believe it or not the first fan fiction we heard about was incest fan fiction and that was before any of the stuff you're talking about. Like years ago, there was incest fan fiction... I don't know, we can't control it so, um, at least they're being creative.

In 2007 Mikey Way said during an Australian radio interview that he had found Waycest fanfic on the internet.[5] See also Bandom and the Fourth Wall.

Waycest was controversial within some parts of MCR fandom, such as at the chemicalromance community, where in 2005 members felt the need to point out that "Mikey and Gerard are not anything but brothers. If they were fucking, that would seriously gross me out."[6] A December 2007 anon meme included many comments both for and against Waycest.[7] The first secrets post at bandslashsecret in 2008 included a submission that read, "WAYCEST CREEPS ME THE FUCK OUT."[8]


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