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Relationship: Gerard Way & Mikey Way
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Fandom: My Chemical Romance
Type: brothers
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The relationship between brothers Gerard Way and Mikey Way, the singer and bassist, respectively, of the American rock band My Chemical Romance, is a source of fascination for fandom. Beyond the fact that they were willing to be in a band together, they have made statements in interviews and band videos, on twitter, etc. showing that they are very close. Notably, during the Life on the Murder Scene video diary, Mikey, who appears to be the more reserved of the two, said that Gerard was his best friend.

See also the brothers' July 2011 Kerrang interview:

"If my brother hadn't been in this band when I started it, I don't know if I'd have got through it all."

Gerard Way is looking across the table at his brother Mikey and talking about how important their family connection is.

"He's my best friend and he understands me like nobody else on earth," replies Mikey.


Gerard: "Mikey's always got my back. He's one of the most supportive people in my life alongside my wife. Anything I want to do, he's there for me: from working on a drawing as a kid, to what we do now. And I've always tried to be there for him. Knowing there's somebody out there who has so much trust in what you do is great."[1]

The brothers also appear extremely close and supportive of each other on social media, even after the end of the band.[2][3][4]

While some slash fans took the inevitable step of slashing the two, their (platonic) sibling relationship is also reflected and explored in many, many fanworks.


  • The brothers are often depicted as each other's main support system, helping each other through issues such as mental health or romantic turmoil.
  • The brothers' shared love of coffee (and Starbucks more specifically) often features.
  • The brothers are often depicted as sharing a secret, wordless language that other characters struggle to understand/be part of.
  • The brothers naturally benefit from additional closeness from being raised together and experiencing the often-mentioned trauma of their grandmother's death.

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