The Binding

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Name: The Binding
Creator: Bridget Collins
Date(s): January 7th 2019
Medium: Novel
Country of Origin: UK
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The Binding is a LGBT fantasy magical realism novel by Bridget Collins, published in 2019. It is set against a 19th century England landscape that is part Victorian gothic, part medieval outlier and yet strikingly modern,[1] where books are magical objects which contain the real memories of people who wanted to (or were forced to) forget them. The novel centers around the relationship between the country boy assistant to a Bookbinder (bookmaker) Emmett Farmer and young lordly gentleman Lucian Darnay.

Canon Overview

Emmett Farmer a young farm labourer whose life is irrevocably altered when he receives a cryptic summons, pressing him into service as an apprentice to a Bookbinder. But secrets and lies surround your life and the arrival of the lordly Lucian Darnay, with whom he senses a connection, changes everything, along with the discovery of a book with his own name on it and is forced to choose between forgetting and the dreadful, tantalising promise of remembrance.[1]

Main Characters

  • Emmett Farmer, a farmer boy who suffered an unexplained illness and was subsequently sent to apprentice with a Bookbinder;
  • Lucian Darnay, a young gentleman who visits the binder;
  • Seredith, the binder Emmett is apprenticed to;
  • Althea Farmer, Emmett's sister.


The book has a very small fandom centered around the canon relationship of Lucian Darnay/Emmett Farmer. The book's premise has also been used on several occasions in fusion fanworks.[citation needed]


The book is extremely trope-y and includes a number of fandom favourites:

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