The Accountant

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Name: The Accountant
Creator: Gavin O'Connor & Bill Dubuque
Date(s): October 10, 2016
Medium: live-action film
Country of Origin: United States
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The Accountant is a 2016 American crime thriller film starring Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, J. K. Simmons, and Jon Bernthal. The film focuses on Christian Wolff, a small-town Illinois certified public accountant with high-functioning autism who actually makes his living uncooking the books of dangerous criminal organizations around the world that are experiencing internal embezzlement. A sequel is currently in development.


The Accountant fandom is a small, with most fannish activity focused on Archive of Our Own and Tumblr, as of September 18, 2017, only 1 fanfic is located at FanFiction.Net. A lot of the fannish activity on Tumblr is focused on reviews of the film, and the reviews are mainly positive.

The main pairings for the fandom is Christian Wolff/Dana Cummings and Christian Wolff/Braxton. Gen works and same-actor crossover with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice universe has appeared as well as the pairing of Christian Wolff/Batman (Affleck portrays both characters).

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