Body of Proof

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Name: Body of Proof
Abbreviation(s): BOP, BoP
Creator: Christopher Murphey
Date(s): March 29, 2011 – May 28, 2013
Medium: television show
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: Wiki page, Official Facebook
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Body of Proof is an American medical drama television series that ran on ABC and starred Dana Delany (of Desperate Housewives) as medical examiner Dr. Megan Hunt. The show was canceled by ABC after three seasons.


The Body of Proof fandom is quite small and is mostly on FFN and LJ, slowly merging onto Tumblr. The ratings for the show seemed to lower in its Season 3 (which is the reason it was later cancelled); this is probably due to the fact that several fan favorites of the main characters (Peter Dunlop, Bud Morris, and Samantha Baker) were either killed or left the show.

The show's most popular pairings are Megan/Kate and Peter/Megan. On Tumblr, the pairing of Megan/Tommy appears.

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