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Name: Alice Isn't Dead
Creator: Joseph Fink
Date(s): March 8, 2016 – August 28, 2018
Medium: Podcast, Novel
Country of Origin:
External Links: Official Website and Official Twitter
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Alice Isn't Dead is a horror podcast by one of the creators of Welcome to Night Vale. It stars Jasika Nicole as the narrator, Keisha; Erica Livingston as Alice; and Roberta Colindrez.


The podcast is presented as a series of audio diaries recorded by a truck driver as she travels across America trying to find her wife, whom she thought was dead. The narrative was presented over 3 seasons, with bonus episodes also presented. Like WTNV, Alice Isn't Dead performed Live Shows for fans. An official novel was released in October 2018, presenting the canon again with some slight changes. The show presents Keisha, the narrator, travelling to unravel the mystery of her wife's disappearance without warning. In her search, she encounters supernatural creatures, serial murderers, and a conspiracy.

The show is notable in that the creators promised (through the title and in official statements) that "Alice Isn't Dead" was a promise not to bury their gays.[1]


The fandom is small. Many fans are appreciative of the canon black lesbian representation. The show has also been praised for its social commentary, notably its notions of grassroots resistance to systemic oppression and collective organizing. Alice/Keisha is overwhelmingly the most popular pairing, as it is the primary focus of the series.

Crossovers are relatively common, including with Welcome to Night Vale, The Magnus Archives, or other podcasts, as well as other series such as Life is Strange.

Common fanworks include edits and aesthetic edit posts, fanart, and some fanfiction.

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