8 Femmes

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Name: 8 Femmes
Creator: Robert Thomas
Date(s): 8 January, 2002 (film)
Medium: theater, film
Country of Origin: France
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8 Femmes is a 1958 French stage play written by Robert Thomas. It was adapted to cinema in 2002 by François Ozon as a musical and with a star-studded cast; it is this version of 8 Femmes that its microfandom revolves around.


During Christmas season sometime in the 1950s, Suzon has just come home to her family's mansion in the French countryside from her studies abroad. Suzon's younger sister Catherine, their mother Gaby, Gaby's sister Augustine, their mother Mamy, their cook of many years Chanel and the new chambermaid Louise are the people in the house, along with Gaby's little-seen husband Marcel. In the course of the morning Marcel is found dead in his room with a knife in his back and the women scramble to find the culprit, which they come to realize could have only been someone from among them. Marcel's estranged sister Pierrette makes a surprise visit and becomes involved in the mystery as well.


Femslash dominates the shipping scene, a result of the story having an almost exclusively female cast and focusing on their complex relationships. In addition, in the 2002 film, half the titular women (Gaby, Pierrette, Chanel and Louise) are revealed to have homosexual tendencies of various levels.

The most popular pairing is Gaby/Pierrette, who share a passionate kiss towards the end of the film, but their canon status is left ambiguous. Gaby/Louise and Chanel/Pierrette are other pairings that get attention, though they're rarely the endgame; the first one is one-sided canon on Louise's part, and the second was canon in the backstory. There exists at least one fanfic of Louise/Suzon.

Gen fic also exists, generally taking the form of character studies.


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