Cabin Pressure

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You may be looking for the Kirk/Spock story Cabin Pressure.

Name: Cabin Pressure
Abbreviation(s): CP
Creator: John Finnemore
Date(s): 2008-present
Medium: Radio
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
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Welcome to MJN Air, putting the excitement back into air travel. Sometimes too much so.

Cabin Pressure is a radio sitcom that aired on BBC Radio 4, featuring the small air charter firm MJN Air. MJN consists of Carolyn Knapp-Shappey, the CEO, Martin Crieff, the captain, Douglas Richardson, the first officer, Arthur Knapp-Shappey, the steward (and Carolyn's son), and of course G-ERTI, the plane. The plots evolve around the crew flying a variety of passengers and cargo around the world while having to deal with such problems as rude clients, the captain's legendary bad luck, the plane's age, and their own boredom.

As of February 2015, there are four series of six episodes each plus two Christmas Specials. The titles of episodes are all place names, which follow an alphabetical sequence: Abu Dhabi, Boston, Cremona, Douz, Edinburgh, and Fitton form series one; Helsinki, Gdansk, Ipswich, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, and Limerick series two; Molokai is the first Christmas special; Newcastle, Paris, Qikiqtarjuaq, Ottery St Mary, Rotterdam, and St Petersburg series three; Timbuktu, Uskerty, Vaduz, Wokingham, Xinzhou, and Yverdon-les-Bains series 4. The final episode is named Zurich, and it was recorded as one episode, but ended up split in two parts for broadcast.


Cabin Pressure started to attract fannish attention in 2010 when Benedict Cumberbatch, who voices Martin, got famous for his role in Sherlock (BBC). It was nominated for Yuletide the first time in 2010, resulting in four fics written.[1] Since then, the fandom has been quite active. In 2012, Cabin Pressure got disqualified for Yuletide as being too big; there were around 900 fanworks uploaded to AO3 alone by then.

The most popular character in Fanworks seems to be Martin, who lends himself quite well to Whump, Hurt/Comfort and Angst due to his backstory and mannerisms. Most popular pairing by far is Martin/Douglas, followed by Martin/Arthur. Martin is also occasionally paired with Molly Hooper in crossovers with BBC Sherlock. Besides creating fic, art and audio, and even fanvids, another favourite past-time of fans is re-enacting the various games the MJN crew play during the episodes, to an extent that creator John Finnemore made a video as his character Arthur to clarify the rules of the popular Yellow Car game.[2]

Notable Fanworks

Lemons and Landmarks

The Lemons and Landmarks project is a group effort, started by pudupu in April 2012.[3] The idea was, following the Travelling Lemon game played by the crew in the series, for fans all over the world to take photos of lemons in front of landmarks, collect them, print them, and give them to John Finnemore as a sign of appreciation. The reaction was so overwhelming that pudupu soon decided to have a book done professionally, which, in addition to the lemon photos, would also contain letters and artwork for Mr Finnemore.[4] The result, a 190-pages book with ~4000 pictures and contributions by ~800 people,[5][6] was given to John Finnemore on stage after the recording for the fourth series on December 16, 2012.[7][8]