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Name: 17776
What Football Will Look Like in the Future
Creator: Jon Bois
Date(s): 2017, 2020
Medium: multimedia webnovel (text transcript, gifs, youtube videos)
Country of Origin: US
External Links: What football will look like in the future - official website
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17776 is a speculative fiction web series by Jon Bois. It follows three sentient satellites who watch football and discuss their daily lives in a future of immortality and post-scarcity. A sequel, 20002:An American Football Story, was published September 28 -October 23rd, 2020. Another sequel is planned but has not been published yet.


The story is primarily told through conversations between the satellites or between the human players on earth.

The story is multimedia, with large portions of it in text (often in color-coded chat-logs) interspersed with still images and gifs. Most chapters end with a youtube video, often showing maps and information about the worldbuilding, sometimes overlayed with more chatlog transcripts.


Satellites: Humans:
  • Pioneer 9, aka "Nine"
  • Pioneer 10, aka "Ten"
  • Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer, aka "Juice"
  • Nancy McGunnell
  • Manny Baez (Introduced in 20020)
  • Nick Navarro (Introduced in 20020)


It's a small fandom on AO3 with a heavy Yuletide presence -- As of September 2022, 10 out of the 130 fics on the Archive were written for Yuletide exchange. [1]

In fanart, gijinka of the three main satellites are common.


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