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December 18, 2021

Fanlore is happy to present a new Help page, Help:Accessibility! This new page outlines several key ways that editors can improve the accessibility of content on Fanlore. Here, you can find information and resources about the following and more:

  • Writing alternative text for images
  • Formatting accessible embedded links
  • Formatting text in an accessible way

We’ve also updated Help:Images to link to the new section on alternative text where relevant.

Do you have a suggestion for another accessibility-related topic or resource that we should include? Contact the Fanlore Committee to let us know!

October 18, 2021

Photographs of fans on Fanlore: A proposed update to Fanlore's Image Policy

Photographs of fans, whether they are images of cosplayers, group shots of a con gathering, or something else, are an important part of fandom's visual record and of documenting fandom.

However, we understand that deciding whether and how to upload photographs of fans to Fanlore requires consideration and care, with issues like privacy and identity protection to be borne in mind.

To help with this, we've drafted an addition to Fanlore's Image Policy with some guidelines on how to handle uploading photographs of fans to Fanlore, and things to consider. Please visit our Dreamwidth post for the proposed addition to the policy.

If you have questions or concerns about any photograph uploaded to Fanlore that may identify you, now or in the future, please contact Fanlore Policy & Admin using the subject "Identity Protection" and we will take steps to address the issue.

Update: Thank you to everyone who has submitted feedback on this policy. We have now closed the post to further feedback in order to work on revising the text of the policy.

September 6, 2021

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Stub September is back from September 13-26!

Get ready to explore the final frontier during Stub September, which is officially taking place from September 13-26!

Check out this participation guide to find out how to earn badges by expanding short articles on Fanlore!

Still have questions about how to participate? Not to worry! As always, you can look at our tutorial pages or read up on the event, but better yet, feel free to join the Fanlore Discord! We'll be talking about the challenge before, during, and after, and there are Fanlore editors and users of all levels who can answer questions you have at any time!

We look forward to editing with you!

September 5, 2021

We've updated Fanlore's Wish List page!

Fanlore is pleased to announce that we've made a number of changes to our Wish List! You can use this page to list topics or specific pages that you would like to see on Fanlore, whether they don't exist yet, are stubs, or otherwise need to be expanded. New editors (and anyone else) who want to add content to the wiki, but don't know where to start, can also check this list and start on anything that tickles their fancy.

Here are some of the changes that have been made to the Wish List in this update:

  • Cleaned up outdated suggestions (e.g., suggestions to create a page that has already been created)
  • Added specific tasks for editors to take on in Maintenance section
  • Included links to relevant FanloreProjects
  • Added links to new editor tutorials and Help pages to introduction

We've also added a Pages that need more international focus section where editors can add any pages that are lacking in a worldwide range of perspectives. ​​For instance, if you know that fans in one part of the world have a specific take on a trope or genre, or that a ship is popular or controversial among fans from a particular country, and this isn't documented on Fanlore, this is the place to come for help, advice and input! This is also a good place to add pages containing material that needs to be translated into English. Contributions from international fans are welcome and encouraged!

Do you have any ideas for pages that don't exist yet? Have you come across any topics that you'd like to see expanded? Visit the Wish List and add them!

August 29, 2021

Fanlore is now on Discord!

Fanlore is now on Discord! After a period of closed beta, we're excited to announce that we are opening up our official Discord server for everyone to join.

Have any questions about Fanlore, wiki editing, or our upcoming annual Stub September event? Want to share the fun facts you discover while browsing the wiki? Come and join the fun - we're excited to chat with you!

If Discord isn't your speed, don't forget that we also have a Dreamwidth community that anyone can join and post to. We'd love to have you there too!

May 31, 2021

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Fanlore Bingo is Back!

Our ever-popular Bingo Challenge returns this year from Tuesday 1st June to Monday 14th June, and new and expert editors alike are invited to take part!

In Fanlore Bingo, editors fill out a 3x3 square bingo card by completing editing tasks, and there are two cards to complete! Check out the Challenge Help page to learn more about taking part, and then grab your Beginner Bingo card or your Expert Bingo card to start the challenge! Each card has more details below it about how to complete the editing tasks. If you're feeling ambitious, you can complete both cards for a Total Blackout...

Questions? Head to the Bingo Challenge talk page and a friendly editor will assist you, or drop a line to the Fanlore Committee!

Good luck and happy editing!

February 15, 2021

Banner by Jercy Dee

In honor of International Fanworks Day (IFD) this week, Fanlore is proud to present our fourth annual week-long editing challenge: the IFD 2021 Fanlore Challenge!

For the next seven days, there will be a different daily editing challenge to complete, with shiny badges available for anyone who participates. Have a go at our simple editing challenges, or if you're feeling ambitious, try one of the advanced bonus challenges, and see if you can earn all of our retro 80s badges!

Visit our challenge Help page to find out how to take part!

January 18, 2021

Banner by memorizingthedigitsofpi

Fanlore is celebrating 1 million edits!

We did it! Fanlore just hit our one million edit milestone! This is a huge achievement and we couldn't have done it without our amazing, dedicated community of editors. Every single edit helps Fanlore to preserve the amazing creativity and passion of fandoms old and new, and carry out our mission to record and preserve our shared fannish history.

To celebrate, we're running a scavenger hunt all week over on our Dreamwidth! We've put together a range of questions that will have you voyaging across Fanlore for the answers - and the first person to answer all 13 correctly will win a Citrus Scale sticker set, previously available as a limited edition OTW donor premium! Plus, everyone who takes part will win an exclusive badge for their User page, and everyone who gets all questions correct will win an additional badge!

What are you waiting for? Let the scavenging begin!