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This page details how to take part in the Fanlore event Stub September. For more information regarding the history of the event, refer to: Stub September

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Curious about participating in Stub September and looking for some help? Don't really understand what stubs even are? Here's a helpful guide to get you through our September challenge!

You can also join Fanlore's official Discord to ask any questions you have and chat to other editors taking part in the challenge!

The Broad Overview

Stub September is a two-week challenge running in 2022 from September 12 to September 25.

Everyone, from seasoned editors to people new to Fanlore, is welcome to participate. You can win shiny new badges for participating and helping expand our empty or short pages. There may even be an extra award for editors who go the extra mile of adding lots of content to a page!

Before You Start

  • If you don't have a Fanlore account already, create one. Only logged in users can edit Fanlore (it's an anti-spam measure)
    • Be aware that you won't be able to create any new pages for four hours after your account is created (this is also an anti-spam measure) - but you can still edit and expand stubs! Check out our new editors' tutorial to learn how to get started with editing.
  • Don't be afraid. You don't have to know everything there is to know about your fandom. You don't have to be an expert or spend hours upon hours crafting the perfect page.
    • Remember: You can contribute as little or as much as you want. Every contribution is welcomed and cherished.
  • Every fan perspective is valid. If you participated in the majority of fandom activities, if you were part of just a small circle of fandom friends, or if you held the sole Unpopular Opinion, we want to document it on Fanlore and we hope you will help us.
  • If you're new to wiki editing and Fanlore, check out our New Visitor Portal and Editing Cheatsheet for some helpful tips and shortcuts.

The Basics

  • What is a stub? A 'stub' is a short page with little to no information on it, where there is a lot of scope for adding more detail.
  • Perhaps you were clicking through links on a page and came across a page with a yellow box at the top reading:
Stub: This article is a stub. Please help us out by adding more content.

  • We want you to help edit our stubs and help them grow into articles!
  • Fanlore tags stubs so that they can all be found in their own Stubs Category - so you don’t have to follow links down rabbit holes to find a page to edit!
  • To mark a page as a stub, just add this code anywhere on the page: {{stub}}
  • We currently have more than 3,800 stubs on Fanlore, so everyone can take their pick!
  • Depending on the subject matter, articles can be short or long. There is no definitive length requirement for a Fanlore page. To help you out, here are some examples of pages that do and don't qualify as stubs (click or select the images to view them full size):

Example of a page correctly flagged as a stub:

Stub example.png

Example of a page which is not a stub, but still needs expanding:

Needs expansion example.png

Example of a short page which does not qualify as a stub:

Not stub example.png

Taking Part in Stub September

If you'd like to participate, just add this invitation to your Talk Page to let us know! You can do so by copying and pasting the following code: [[File:Stub september invite.png|300px]]

Stub september invite.png

You can also signal that you're taking part by adding "Stub September" to the summary of any edits you make for the challenge. However, neither of these are mandatory - you can still earn badges without them! They just help us to spot who's taking part in Stub September.

What kind of edits should I make?

Any and all additions that help our stubs grow are welcome!

  • Small edits matter!
    • Add a few sentences or a paragraph describing the subject of the page
    • Add a fanwork (a fanfic, fanvid, fanart, meta, or something else) relevant to the page.
    • Build a list: of relevant characters, pairings, significant episodes/chapters/books in a series, or fanworks that had an impact on fandom
    • Add a link to an outside fan page, forum, LiveJournal community, Tumblr blog, mailing list, webring, or other resource relevant to the page
  • Build an article:
    • Add a few sections to an empty (or nearly empty) page to grow the page into an article
    • Bring fandom perspectives to an article, cite important fanworks, and cite fan reactions or responses
    • Incorporate relevant quotes from fanworks, meta, or significant fandom moments and discussions amongst fans
    • If a page is longer than a stub but still needs work, you can add {{ExpandArticle}} to signal that it needs expansion, or {{ExamplesWanted}} wherever some more examples are needed.

Challenge badges

We've prepared some awesome badges, designed by Amyl, for editors who take part in Stub September! You can earn badges for:

  • Adding to a stub (any amount counts!)
  • Expanding a page so that it no longer has a stub flag
  • Creating a new stub
  • Finding a page incorrectly flagged as a stub, and removing/changing the flag (scavenger hunt time!)
  • ...Plus an extra hidden badge for editors who put in a special effort!

How do I get my badges?

During the Challenge, members of the Fanlore Committee will be keeping an eye on Recent Changes for any edits that qualify for the above badges. Please be aware that it may take a day or two to award badges!

Your badges will be posted to your talk page, so be sure to check there if you haven't received your badge yet. If you still haven't received your badge after a few days, feel free to email us with the information about your edit, plus your Fanlore username, and we'll make sure you get your badge! You can also tweet us, send us a Tumblr ask, comment on our Dreamwidth, or ask in our Discord.

How can I display my badges on Fanlore?

Once you've earned your Challenge badges, you can display them on your Fanlore user page for everyone to admire! Here's how.

  1. Your badge will have been posted to your talk page, which you can access by selecting "Talk" at the top of the screen on the desktop version of the site. On mobile, use the hamburger menu (which looks like three lines) in the top left corner, and select your username from the bottom of the menu. There will be a link you can select to take you to your talk page, labelled Talk to [your username].
  2. Edit your talk page. You should be able to grab the image code for your badge from there - it will look something like this:

    [[File:Stub Sept Badge.png|200px]]

  3. Copy that code, and paste it wherever you like on your user page!

If you'd like to display your badges somewhere other than Fanlore, you can easily do that, too — just right-click on the image (or long press on mobile) and either copy the link address or save it to your device, to be used anywhere you like.