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This template is designed for use in the Fanlore Bingo Challenge. Please refer to the Bingo Challenge Help page for more information and instructions on how to take part!

Expert Bingo Card

Copy and paste the below code onto your User Page to get your Bingo Card. As you go along, fill in the space next to each = with a link to or description of your edit, and the square will become completed. Get Bingo (three squares in a row) or Blackout (all squares completed) to win a badge! Refer to Task Instructions for more details on what the task for each square involves.

To get the Beginner Bingo Card template, check out Template:Fanlore Beginner Bingo 2021.

{{Fanlore Expert Bingo 2021

| redirect = 
| orphaned-page= 
| featured-article = 

| say-hello = 
| add-category = 
| add-reference = 

| image-gallery = 
| add-quotation =
| needs-expansion = 

The Template

Create a redirect to a page from an alternate name, spelling or capitalization Add an link to an orphaned page Vote on a Featured Article nomination
Say hello on a user's talk page Add a category to a page or image Add a reference to a page that is missing citations
Add an image gallery Add a quotation to a page and reference it Add content to a section marked 'needs expansion'

Task Instructions

  • Create a redirect to a page from an alternate name, spelling or capitalization: Often redirects need to be created on Fanlore to link terms with the same meaning to the relevant page, e.g. redirecting "Bisexuality and fandom" to the page Bisexuality and Fandom, or "Katekyou Hitman Reborn!" to Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Check out Help:Redirects to learn how to create a redirect.
  • Add a link to an orphaned page: An orphaned page is a page that has no internal links pointing to it from any other pages on Fanlore. Special:LonelyPages contains our full list of orphaned pages; you can "un-orphan" them by adding a (relevant!) wikilink pointing to them from any other Fanlore page.
  • Vote on a Featured Article nomination: Featured Articles appear prominently on the front page of Fanlore, and are examples of interesting, comprehensive and well-written Fanlore pages. Any Fanlore editor can vote on articles to be featured on Fanlore's front page (and nominate them, too!). Check out our instructions for voting on a nomination and then add your vote to any of our current nominees!
  • Say hello on a user's talk page: Comment on a Talk page belonging to one of your fellow Fanlore editors to say hi! If you're not sure who to approach, our Fanlore Gardeners are all very friendly people who are more than happy to receive a random greeting :D
  • Add a category to a page or image: Categories are important for structuring Fanlore and making its pages findable. They can be added to images, too! Check out How to Add a Page to the Categories to learn how to add a category, and then add a relevant category (or subcategory) to a page or image. If it's a new category that you created, that counts, too!
  • Add a reference to a page that is missing citations: References, or citations, are notes that indicate where a piece of information or a quote has come from. Check out How to create a basic footnote to learn how to add one to a page on Fanlore. To complete this task, you can add a reference or references to any page that either has no references at all, or is flagged as needing more citations.
  • Add an image gallery: Image galleries are useful when you want to showcase multiple example images, e.g. a set of example fancrafts or a set of website screenshots. Check out How to create an image gallery to learn how to format one.
  • Add a quotation to a page and reference it: Quotations are useful for adding things like fan comments, reviews, or excerpts from articles or meta to a page. Add a quotation of any kind (you can use Template:Quotation or Template:NQuote to format it) to a page and add a reference to show where the quote was sourced from.
  • Add content to a section marked 'needs expansion': The template {{ExpandArticle}} is often added to articles or sections of articles that need fleshing out, sometimes with an explanation as to what needs adding. Articles marked with this flag can be found in Category:Pages that need expansion. For this task, we are looking for additions to page sections that have this flag, rather than to pages that have been generally flagged as needing expansion.

If you have queries about any of the tasks for this challenge, leave a comment on this template's Talk page or the Bingo Challenge Talk page, or send a message to the Fanlore Committee!