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The IFD 2024 Fanlore Challenge is a week-long event organized as part of International Fanworks Day 2024. The Challenge is open to new and experienced editors, and everyone is encouraged to participate!

Read on for more information on what the Challenge involves, and how to take part.

“A kaleidoscope red and orange neon background designed to represent gemstone facets, with black gemstones line art decorating upper left and bottom right corners of the image. Text reads: “International Fanworks Day Fanfare Challenge“. The Fanlore logo is at the bottom left corner, followed by hashtag IFD2024."
Banner by Amyl

What does the Challenge involve?

The IFD 2024 Fanlore Challenge takes place from 12-18 February, with different editing challenges to complete on each day.

Each day has a challenge suitable for editors at any level, with a bonus idea for more experienced editors. It's your choice which one you'd like to complete — you’re welcome to do both of them if you want!

Anyone who completes that day's challenge and/or the bonus will be awarded a shiny badge, one badge per day around the day of that challenge task. Further down, you'll find instructions on how to get your badges, and how to display them on your Fanlore user page.

If you're new to editing Fanlore, we have lots of guidance and resources to help you get started!

Daily Editing Challenges

Day 1 (Feb 12)

Challenge: Create a Fanlore account! When you've created your account, check out the user profile template for your user page.

Bonus: Add some information to your user page (tip: check out examples from other Fanlore users if you’re not sure what to write about).

Day 2 (Feb 13)

Challenge: Add to a page related to any pan-Asian fandom. This could be C-media, J-drama, K-drama, Thai drama, or J-pop or K-pop too. Fanlore is having a pan-Asian fandom themed month in May, so we're starting to think about it now!

Bonus: Create any page related to any Asian fandom.

Day 3 (Feb 14)

Challenge (Valentine's Day!): Add to any ship page, such as a het, non-binary, or slash pairing page, or a moresome.

Bonus: Add to a femslash ship page, or create a new femslash page! During all of February, we're highlighting femslash-related pages on our tumblr and X (Twitter) for our own version of Femslash February.

Day 4 (Feb 15)

Challenge (International Fanworks Day!): Since this is the 10th anniversary of International Fanworks Day, in keeping with the "event" concept, add anything to a fan convention page.

Bonus: Add an internal link to a convention page, to improve connections between Fanlore pages!

Day 5 (Feb 16)

Challenge: Add to any video game related page. Fanlore will have a video-game themed month on our socials in October!

Bonus: Create any page related to a video game.

Day 6 (Feb 17)

Challenge: Expand either a stub or a short page.

Bonus: Make a page from a redlink, which are internal links created to pages that don’t exist yet - creating pages from redlinks helps Fanlore grow! These are listed here in descending number of internal links. (Pro tip: you can always click on "what links here", in the Tools section at the bottom of the sidebar, to see internal links to the page you’re on!)

Day 7 (Feb 18)

Challenge: Again in honor of the IFD 2024 10th anniversary, make at least 10 individual edits this week - just one each day + a couple more! Tell us in the edit "Summary" on your 10th edit.

Bonus: Make 20 edits!

Challenge Badges

Each day of the Challenge has a different badge to win, designed by the amazing hheyhalley! See if you can earn all seven!

Remember though, this is ideally a daily challenge, so we'll award the matching badge on or around the day of each task, with some variation for time zones.

How do I get my badges?

During the Challenge, members of the Fanlore Committee will be keeping an eye on Recent Changes for any edits that qualify for the day's tasks.

  • PLEASE ADD "IFD Fanlore Challenge" (or any of those words!) or "Day [x]" to your edit summary to help us identify qualifying edits!
  • Another idea that can be helpful to badge awarders is to link the challenge banner from your User or Talk pages, so we know you are intending to participate. Just include this somewhere on your User or Talk page (change the px to adjust the size) or use the Visual Editor, to display the banner and we'll notice! You can remove the banner later.
[[File:IFD 2024 banner.png|250px]]

If we missed a qualifying edit, please let us know! You can email us (be sure to select "Fanlore" from the menu), tweet us, send us a Tumblr ask, comment on our Dreamwidth, or ping @Fanlore Policy & Admin on our Discord server with a link to and/or a screenshot of your edits, plus your Fanlore handle, and we'll make sure you get your badge!

Your badges will be posted to your talk page, so be sure to check there if you haven't received your badge yet - we try to award badges within a day or two of the edit!

How can I display my badges on Fanlore?

Once you've earned your Challenge badges, you can display them on your Fanlore user page for everyone to admire! Here's how.

1. Your badge will be posted to your talk page, which you can access by selecting "Talk" at the top of the screen on the desktop version of the site. On mobile, use the hamburger menu (which looks like three lines) in the top left corner, and select your username from the bottom of the menu. There will be a link you can select to take you to your talk page, labelled Talk to [your username].

2. Edit your talk page. You should be able to grab the image code for your badge from there - it will look something like this:


3. Copy that code, and paste it within/including the two square brackets wherever you like on your user page! For example: [[File:IFD_2024_d1.png|200px]] will show up as:
IFD 2024 d1.png

If you'd like to display your badges somewhere other than Fanlore, you can easily do that, too — just right-click on the image (or long press on mobile) and either copy the link address or save it to your device, to be used anywhere you like.

Other badges

IFD 2024 d2.png IFD 2024 d3.png IFD 2024 d4.png IFD 2024 d5.png IFD 2024 d6.png IFD 2024 d7.png