Middle East Film and Comic Con

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Name: Middle East Film & Comic Con
Dates: 2012 - Ongoing
Frequency: Yearly
Location: UAE. Dubai (2012 - 2020) and Abu Dhabi (2022-2024)
Focus: Speculative Fiction
Organization: ExtraCake PRA (2012 - 2017) Informa Connected (2018 - Onward)
Founding Date: 2012
URL: https://www.mefcc.com/home/
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The Middle East Film and Comic Con (commonly known as MEFCC) is a multifandom convention held annually in United Arab Emirates, usually in April or March and lasts three days. Although it focuses on comics, science fiction and film, it also includes other popular arts such as anime and video games. It is one of the only Middle East events that revolve around pop culture.

Every year a list of celebrities and authors are invited to attend.

The convention also hosts activities like cosplay contests, art galleries or video game tournaments.

The mascot of MEFCC is named Bun Bot 5.0. He is a yellow being, a mixture of gamepad, screen and speaker.


Guests in their first year were Alodia Gosiengfiao, a famous cosplayer, Laurie Holden, an actress, Sonia Leong, an artist, and the actors Jason Momoa, John Rhys-Davies and Mark Sheppard.