Listen Up Gay Wizards

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Synonyms: Listen Up, Gay Wizards!
Date Started: 2013
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The phrase “LISTEN UP GAY WIZARDS” was posted on Twitter in 2013 by Craigslist Love [1], an account that finds its comedic "wisdom" in the personal ads section of Craigslist. It was a popular tweet, and the phrase has stuck in the minds of many creators in the years since the original post. It became particularly popular in Fire Emblem fandom [2][3], and is now something of a meme. At the time, Fire Emblem: Awakening was the most recently released game in the series and “listen up gay wizards” was mostly associated with the dark mage Henry [4].

In 2014, a fanartist called Blue started selling a print on Society6 depicting four Awakening mages with the words “listen up gay wizards” worked into the art [5], which strengthened its association with those characters [6]. Often the gay wizards in question were the slash ship Henry/Ricken [7] or the Plegian mages Henry and Tharja [8].

Later, the phrase was picked up by fans of Taako from The Adventure Zone [9], as he is canonically a gay wizard. “Listen up gay wizards” can still often be found in captions and comments for fanart.