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Name: Campaign
Creator: Kat Khul, James D'Amato
Date(s): Campaign: 8 October 2014 - 16 April 2019
Evil Campaign: 10 May 2016 - 19 September 2018

Skyjacks: 17 October 2018 - present
"Tales From Spéir" miniseries: 3 August 2018 - 8 October 2018
"Behind the Sails" miniseries: 5 November 2020 - present
Medium: podcast
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: Official Website
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Campaign is a Tabletop RPG actual-play podcast by Kat Khul and James D'Amato. The series features two main campaigns, each with a different cast, storyline and tabletop system. It is a spin-off podcast from One Shot.


The first campaign in the series, simply called Campaign, is set in the Star Wars universe and features the adventures of the crew of the Mynock. It uses the Edge of The Empire tabletop system.

It has a side series, Evil Campaign, which features the antagonists of the main campaign as player characters, and a number of mini series that serve as prologues, side quests or adventures of side characters.


Evil Campaign


The second campaign in the series, known as Campaign: Skyjacks, or simply Skyjacks, features the adventures of the crew of the Uhuru, a flying pirate ship with a dead captain who the player characters, with the help of a little necromancy, must pretend is still alive. It uses a modified version of the Genesys tabletop system. Its setting is inspired in part by the music of The Decemberists and the card game Illimat, and Illimat cards also feature as a game mechanic.

The campaign was preceded by the Tales from Spéir miniseries, which revealed lore about the game's setting. It also has a side series known as Behind the Sails which explores the game's setting in depth.



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