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Pairing: Kerr Avon/Jenna Stannis
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Fandom: Blake's 7
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Avon/Jenna is the pairing of Kerr Avon and Jenna Stannis, two Blake's 7 characters,

Avon/Jenna and Avon & Jenna fics often explore their relationship with Roj Blake (romantic or platonic).

Some fans interpret their relationship as very hostile, while others portray them as more nuanced. There is also a relatively widespread opinion that those two characters have a lot in common; comparisons with Avon and analysis of their similarities and differences often crop up in fannish discussions about Jenna.

Brief Background

Comments from Sally Knyvette

Sally Knyvette, the actor who portrayed Jenna, commented on her character's relationship with Avon:

Well... they were two strong, bright people with different values. There was also a little bit of sparring, but it could have been taken much further. I mean, Avon and Jenna really didn't like each other much most of the time, so you could have a really good set-to and a break-up of some sort. I would love to do that. Avon is out for himself, while Jenna is much more of Blake's persuasion. She is out to help people, but she's got a tough, ruthless side, as we've discovered. She would always look after herself, when push came to shove.[1]

Fan Reception and Popularity

It is probably the second most popular Jenna pairing, and reportedly more popular in the early fandom.

The majority of explicit fics with Jenna are about Avon/Jenna pairing.

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