Pokémon Reborn

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NamePokémon Reborn
Developer(s)Amethyst "Ame" Liddell
Release dateSeptember 29th, 2012 (Original release)
May 20th, 2022 (Final build)
EngineRPG Maker
External link(s)Official Forum
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Pokémon Reborn is a Pokémon fan game released in 2012, created using RPG Maker. The game was released in episodic updates, adding a new chapter and changing earlier content, and released its final update in May 2022. Over time, the game has gained its own fandom and fan games based on it.


Pokémon Reborn's primary fanbase is teens. However, the game has a secondary group of fans looking for a challenge, due to the strategy required to work with the level cap system against the gym leaders. As such, nuzlocke runs of the game have become popular. However, the game's story-heavy nature can drive off interest from the likes of Pokémon YouTubers. The majority of interest for Reborn is on Tumblr, where fans have access to the creator's ask box to ask her questions about the game.

The fandom is focused on creating fan art, memes, and sprite editing. Shipping is also popular, including self-insert shipping. Many fans create their own original character to take the place of the game's protagonist.






Several fan games have been inspired by Pokémon Reborn or come from its development. Many fans will attribute things like the grimdark nature of a fangame or badge-based level caps to Pokémon Reborn popularising them.

  • Pokémon Rejuvenation was created by a member of the same team as a sequel to Pokémon Reborn, hosted on the same site. Some fans feel that Rejuvenation copies too hard for Reborn, while others believe it improves on many aspects of Reborn, potentially being a better game.


The creator of Reborn has claimed that the contents of the game are based on a real-life experience she had on an online Pokémon league growing up. This includes stories of abuse, suicide, amnesia, death from lupus, among other occurrences.[1][2] Many people feel Ame's depictions of these issues in the game are disrespectful of the people involved and that the game uses real issues to be edgy. Ame has spoken about the online league a number of times, but has stated all depictions are done with permission.[3] Fans debate Ame's claims are true or based on roleplays.

supposedly most of the characters in the game are based on real people that were apart of an online pokemon league several years ago, so for example anna,noel,charlote were actually orphans at dr.sig orphanage where he used electric therapy, kiki and corey died, some stuff were obviously changed and not all characters are real, the reason why i say supposedly well its your take if you want to believe in it Source

Reddit User DaudsHighPriest[4]

Both the people who were Kiki and Corey are dead IRL. That’s why the died in-game.

(which is still horrible, honestly)

Source  Reddit User LeratoNull[5]



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