John Scalzi

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Name: John Scalzi
Also Known As:
Occupation: Author
Medium: online, print
Works: Several novels, long-running blog
Official Website(s): Whatever
Fan Website(s):
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John Scalzi is a science fiction author, blogger, and former president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. He often writes about fandom at his blog, Whatever, for which he won the 2008 Hugo for Best Fan Writer. His novel Redshirts also won the Hugo for Best Novel in 2013.

Scalzi posted his official stance supporting fanworks based on his work as long as creators are not making money off his universes[1] in response to questions following his criticism of FanLib in 2007.[2] In 2009, he posted about being pleased to discover that someone had requested a slashfic for his book The Android's Dream for Yuletide.[3]