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Synonyms: cdrama, Chinese Drama
See also: donghua, dangai, TW-Drama,
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C-drama or cdrama is a common abbreviation for "Chinese [television] drama". Chinese dramas are live-action television dramas produced in mainland China. (Chinese-language dramas produced in other countries are not usually called cdramas.) China produces huge numbers of live-action dramas, both as web series and broadcast on television, each year. In recent years, many have been adapted from C-Novels. In addition to their popularity in China, C-Drama fandoms have been pulling in increasing numbers of international fans, particularly from the mid-2010s onwards, as series are subtitled and internationalised.

Gifsets are a particularly popular form of fanwork for C-Drama fandoms, shared widely on platforms like Tumblr. Fans will also create meta explaining the cultural and historical (for those series that are period dramas) context for certain scenes, or breaking down the linguistic nuances of particular lines of dialogue, for those fans who are unfamiliar. Fans will also share behind the scenes (or BTS) videos featuring candid moments from the actors, sometimes (but not always) in the context of RPF.


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