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Name(s): Not Another DnD Podcast
Abbreviation(s): NADDPOD
Scope/Focus: Actual play podcast
Date(s): April 12th 2017 - present
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Not Another D&D Podcast, usually referred to by the acronym NADDPOD, is a TTRPG actual-play podcast created by Emily Axford, Jake Hurwitz, Brian Murphy and Caldwell Tanner. Episodes from the various campaigns are available on the NADDPOD website as well as Apple Podcasts and Spotify[1] but the talk-back show "The Short Rest" and some other bonus content for the podcast is only available through the show's Patreon.[2]

It currently consists of 3 separate campaigns.


Main Campaigns

The bulk of the show features Brian Murphy as Direct Messenger with the other three cast members playing the main PCs with occasional guest PCs that come by for a short arc within the campaign.

The first campaign, taking place in the world of Bahumia, follows Band of Boobs, an adventuring party consisting of Moonshine Cybin (played by Emily), Hardwon Surefoot (played by Jake), and Beverly Toegold V (played by Caldwell). It spanned 100 episodes and 15 arcs from February 2018 to May 2020 with several prominent guest PCs. The first of these was Stunkbug, played by Adam Conover in The Ezry Chronicles over a 3 episode arc and quickly followed by Tonathan Tinkle (played by Nathan Yaffe) for a single episode. Then Siobhan Thompson came on to play Apple Scrumper in The Cutthroat Chronicles, another 3 episode arc followed by another appearance by Tonathan. The next guest PC was Brennan Lee Mulligan playing Deadeye Cybin in a five episode arc during The Shadowfell Saga followed by Zac Oyama playing Mavrus Bombora in a 3 episode arc called Mage Madness.

Campaign two introduced the world of Eldermourne follows Third Mates, an adventuring party consisting of Fia Boginya (played by Emily), Henry Hogfish (played by Jake), and Zirk Vervain (played by Caldwell). It ran for 41 episodes from October 2020 to November 2021 and mainly consists of one long arc. Several mini-arcs, however, led the main cast to appear as other characters and since the campaign was primarily recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic, only featured one guest PC. Jabari Hightower, played by Lou Wilson, showed up for a seven episode arc.

NADDPOD's cast returned to Bahumia for campaign three, although it takes place several centuries after the events of the first campaign. It follows Duck Team, an adventuring party consisting of Calliope Petrichor (played by Emily), Caldor Killday (played by Jake), and Solum Bufo (played by Caldwell).

Other Campaigns

Trinyvale is bonus campaign with Caldwell as DM. It follows the Trinyvale Triplets, consisting of Onyx Lumière (played by Emily), Jens Lyndelle (played by Murph) and Nyack of the Rana'for (played by Jake).

The Mavrus Chronicles (also known as Hot Boy Summer) is a bonus campaign with Emily as DM. It welcomed back Zac Oyama as Mavrus Bombora and followed the Bon Freres, with Murph playing Cormac Darkstout, Caldwell playing Hungry Dave, and Jake playing Tread Nevers.


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NADDPOD fans are known as "Naddpoles."[3][4] Because of the podcast's close relation to Dimension 20, which features both Murph and Emily as members of the Intrepid Heroes, many fans of NADDPOD came to it because they were fans of Murph and Emily. They are mostly active on Reddit, on the semi-official subreddit moderated by Murph and Caldwell: /r/NotAnotherDnDPodcast/. There is also a handful of fans on Tumblr[5] and a number of fics for the podcast on AO3.[6] On AO3 the most prominent relationship is the gen, platonic one between the three members of Band of Boobs followed by Erlin Kindleaf/Beverly Toegold V and Moonshine Cybin/Hardwon Surefoot as both a romantic pairing and a gen one.

Like many podcasts, NADDPOD also has fan transcripts available.[7] To celebrate the ending of Campaign one, fans recorded a version of "One Big Bed", the song written by Axford for the finale: One Big Bed (NADDPoles Cover!) edited and uploaded by Jay Viney.

Fan Interaction Episodes

Periodically, the NADDPOD crew hosts D&D Court, where fans bring them "cases" of their own home game conflicts and ask for a judgement. Tortle Tank is another series where fans send in their homebrew ideas for the hosts to bid on in a parody of Wikipedia:Shark Tank. Some of these episodes are available publicly, while others are Patreon exclusives.





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