Not Another D&D Podcast (NADDPOD)

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Name(s): Not Another DnD Podcast
Abbreviation(s): NADDPOD
Scope/Focus: Actual play podcast
Date(s): April 12th 2017 - present
"Naddpod campaign one logo"
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Naddpod is a Tabletop RPG actual-play podcast created by Emily Axford, Jake Hurwitz, Brian "Murph" Murphy and Caldwell Tanner. All main episodes of their various campaigns are available on their website. Talk-back show "The Short Rest" and various bonus content are available only via subscription to their patreon.

Main Campaigns

These are the main episodes of the podcast, with Murph DMing and the others playing the three main PCs.

- Campaign one takes place in Bahumia and follows Moonshine Cybin (Axford), Hardwon Surefoot (Hurwitz) and Beverly Toegold (Tanner). They are joined in some episodes by several guest PCs: Stunkbug (Adam Conover), Tonathan Tinkle (Nathan Yaffe), Apple Scrumper (Siobhan Thompson), Deadeye Cybin (Brennan Lee Mulligan) and Mavrus Bombora (Zac Oyama)

- Campaign two introduces the world of Eldermourne and follows Fia Boginya (Axford), Henry Hogfish (Hurwitz) and Zirk Vervain (Tanner). Several mini-arcs lead the main cast to play several other characters. The only guest PC for this campaign, which was recorded mainly during the Covid pandemic, was Jabari Hightower (Lou Wilson).

- Campaign three returns to Bahumia, although takes place several centuries after the events of the first campaign took place. It follows Solum Bufo (Tanner), Caldor Killday (Hurwitz) and Calliope Petrichor (Axford).

Other Campaigns

- Trinyvale is a DMed by Tanner, with Axford playing Onyx Lumière, Murph playing Jens Lyndelle and Hurwitz playing Nyack.

- The Mavrus Chronicles are DMed by Axford and welcome back Oyama as Mavrus Bambora, with Murph as Cormac Darkstout, Tanner as Davenaxius "Dave" Gilderfang and Hurwitz as Tread Nevers.

Non-Campaign episodes

To lighten the workload of DM Brian Murphy, non-campaign episodes have been introduced to the podcast. Periodically, the Naddpod crew hosts Dungeon Court, where listeners bring to them "cases" of their own home games conflicts and ask for a judgement from Crit Justices and Bailiff. As well, the Owlbear Cave is a parody of Shark Tank, where listeners bring in homebrew ideas from their home games for the hosts to bid on.


The Naddpod fans are dubbed the Naddpoles.

To celebrate the ending of Campaign one, fans recorded a version of "One Big Bed", the song written by Axford for the finale: One Big Bed (NADDPoles Cover!) edited and uploaded by Jay Viney.