Elite: Dangerous

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Video Game Fandom
Name: Elite: Dangerous
Developer: David Braben
Release date: 2014-15
Windows, OS-X, X-Box One
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Elite: Dangerous is a Kickstarter-funded online multi-player computer game derived from the earlier Elite and its successor games, especially Frontier: Elite II. The game revolves around space travel, trade, and combat; players earn money (by transporting cargo and passengers, or in combat as bounties for destroying outlaws etc.) Money is used to purchase better weapons and other equipment, and eventually better ships etc. Versions for Windows, OS-X and X-Box One are available, other versions are in development.

An authorized Elite: Dangerous tabletop RPG Elite Encounters was announced as in preparation in 2013;[1][2] a Kickstarter campaign in January 2017 succeeded in less than a week and re-branded it as E.D.R.P.G. Elite Dangerous Role Playing Game - but was eventually changed to Elite Encounters. The game went on sale in October 2017.




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