A Public Warning: FF7 Fandom

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Name: A Public Warning: FF7 Fandom
Owner/Maintainer: Syd AKA "Zack"
Dates: 2006
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
URL: http://www.demon-sushi.com/warning/
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A Public Warning: FF7 Fandom is a website outlining the experiences of several fans who lived in the so-called "Final Fantasy VII House". The webmaster had previously posted these allegations on LiveJournal (at some point on or before 1 May 2006).[1]

The original LJ post and website gained attention from the FF VII fandom, but also from the wider internet community. The post inspired discussion, investigation and attempts to find the fans mentioned.

Contents and claims

Sarah Saga

The Sarah Saga is a story that appeared on Live Journal in 2008. It bears some striking similarities to the main figure in the A Public Warning. In this story, a new housemate, Sarah, supports herself by getting her fandom friends to give her money for her "religion".

Links to other fandoms

Another site, TattleCrime.org, draws links between the FF VII House, and a similar cult following in the Hannibal (TV Series) fandom. See Tattle-Crime for more information.

Further Reading and Discussion

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