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Name: Tattle-Crime
Owner/Maintainer: ???
Dates: February 2013 - December 2015 ?
Type: Fan run site
Fandom: Hannibal (TV Series)
URL: www.tattle-crime.com , Archived Link
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Tattle-Crime was a fansite focusing on the Hannibal TV series. The site organized events such as art contests, gift exchanges and meet-ups. The staff of Tattle-Crime appeared to have access to TPTB and often had exclusive information on upcoming episodes and conducted interviews with staff who worked on the series, including show creator Bryan Fuller

Tattle-Crime was closed down in December 2015, with the owner citing harassment as the reason for her decision.

Fan Opinion

Controversial Accusations and Fandom Wank

In November 2014, a tumblr blog called TheTruthAboutTattle-Crime was created and began posting accusations about the person in charge of the Tattle-Crime site. This blog received very little attention in the Hannibal fandom and was rarely reblogged. The blog claimed that "the annonymous fanatic" in charge of Tattle-Crime thinks she is the character Freddie Lounds, has been scamming fans and abusing her staffers.[1] Specific allegations included staffers entering SDCC15 with fake tickets, rigging prize giveaways, reneging on gift exchanges as well as brainwashing, grooming and sexual harassment of staffers.

At some point the owner of this tumblr blog, set up their own website www.tattlecrime.org.[2]

I just realized that Tattle-Crime.com and tattlecrime.org were two different websites in a slapfight as opposed to the same website attacking itself.[3]

In mid to late 2015, reddit user TheUnburntOne created multiple threads on Reddit repeating many of the same accusations.[4] In these reddit threads, we have the first mention of links between the FF7 House and Tattle-Crime. The link was made by u/TheUnburntOne, without any contributions from others.[5] Two months later, the fan who created the tattlecrime.org page commented on a VICE article about the FF7 House, claiming that she knew the fan at the center of the story. In a now deleted comment, she linked to the tattlecrime.org site in the hope that VICE would do an article on the owner.[6]

In January 2016, the original site went offline but the accusations continued.

In February 2016, a Youtube Channel named after Hannibal character Freddie Lounds also began a series of videos aimed at Tattle-Crime, "the people who call themselves the Fannibals and the nightmares about the Hannibal fandom that no one ever wants to talk about."[7] This Youtube channel was run by the same person who started TheTruthAboutTattle-Crime blog and tattlecrime.org website.

In March 2016, an anonymous user started The Baphomet Thread to express their concerns for a vulnerable friend. The OP referenced tattlecrime.org and the owner's personal tumblr. The owner eventually joined the thread to provide more information. The baphomet thread lead to another thread been started by marmaduke on kiwifarms.net.[8]

Links to the FF7 House and infamous fan Jennifer Cornet, caused the story to become more widely known within and outside fandom. It also brought more attention to the fan behind some of the accounts disparaging Tattle-Crime. She was called a crazed stalker by some, linked to anti-feminist fan accounts missmisanthropist and Dumblr Feminist, and also accused of bad fan behavior.[9]

This fan continued her activity on Youtube throughout 2017 and 2018. She also edited several pages on the FannibalFamily Wiki to include her claims. At one point she was selling an ebook on Amazon, entitled The Sickening Truth Behind The NBC Hannibal Fandom, using the name Monica Edwards.[10]

It is difficult to determine the veracity of any of these claims. There have been accusations of harassment on both sides. Despite that the story has become well known as a cautionary tale of toxic fandom, specifically on Tumblr.

One reddit user commented on a summary of the debacle:

Thank you for keeping Fandom Wank's legacy alive, how I miss it and the pit of voles times[11]

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