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Name: Clannad
Creator: Key
Medium: visual novel, anime, light novel, manga, OVA
Country of Origin: Japan
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Clannad is a visual novel turned anime series developed by Key animation studios. It follows the story of a young man named Okazaki Tomoya and his journey into adulthood. He falls in love with Furukawa Nagisa, and with a few supernatural elements thrown in, he is taken on a roller coaster ride through life.


Given that almost every female character in the show expressed an interest in Tomoya at some point during the storyline, there are several available shippings:

  • Okazaki Tomoya/Furukawa Nagisa - canon relationship.
  • Okazaki Tomoya/Sakagami Tomoyo - a bonus episode showed an alternate reality where these two were in a canon relationship.
  • Okazaki Tomoya/Fujibayashi Kyou - Both Kyou and her sister Ryou were shown to have an interest in Tomoya, both in canon and in another alternate reality bonus episode, where they competed for his affections.
  • Okazaki Tomoya/Ichinose Kotome - Tomoya helped Kotome through a traumatic experience, so it's feasible that she too would have feelings for him.
  • Okazaki Tomoya/Sunohara Mei - When Mei was visiting her older brother Youhei, she and Tomoya spent time together, and Mei 'adopted' herself as his little sister for a while. In spite of her young age, a ship is feasible.
  • Okazaki Tomoya/Sunohara Youhei - When Mei tried to set up Nagisa with Tomoya, she misunderstood, and believed that Tomoya was in love with Sunohara, leading to a cutscene where they were both running along a beach, wearing nothing but heart patterned boxer shorts. This, and a few other instances, lead to a feasible shipping.
  • Sunohara Youhei/Sunohara Mei - Similar to the above instance, another misunderstanding led to the belief that Sunohara was experiencing the 'ultimate taboo' with his little sister.
  • Fujibayashi Kyou/Fujibayashi Ryou - the sisters are very close, and several subtle hints are dropped during the series, which could allude to Kyou's feelings for her sister.
  • Furukawa Sanae/Furukawa Akito - canon relationship
  • Sunohara Youhei/Furukawa Sanae - there is an episode where Sanae poses as Sunohara's girlfriend to appease his little sister Mei. So this ship is technically canon.
  • Sagara Misae/Yoshino Yousuke - it's implied that these two had a history, be it romantic or not. But it's enough for a ship.

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