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Video game fandom
Release dateJP: April 28, 2004
WW: November 23, 2015
Genre(s)visual novel
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Clannad is a visual novel turned anime series developed by Key animation studios. It follows the story of a young man named Okazaki Tomoya and his journey into adulthood. Its English localization by Sekai Project was funded on Kickstarter in November 2014 and later released on Steam on November 23, 2015.


The main character falls in love with Furukawa Nagisa, and with a few supernatural elements thrown in, he is taken on a roller coaster ride through life.


Given that almost every female character in the show expressed an interest in Tomoya at some point during the storyline, there are several available ships:

  • Okazaki Tomoya/Furukawa Nagisa - canon relationship.
  • Okazaki Tomoya/Sakagami Tomoyo - a bonus episode showed an alternate reality where these two were in a canon relationship.
  • Okazaki Tomoya/Fujibayashi Kyou - Both Kyou and her sister Ryou were shown to have an interest in Tomoya, both in canon and in another alternate reality bonus episode, where they competed for his affections.
  • Okazaki Tomoya/Ichinose Kotome - Tomoya helped Kotome through a traumatic experience, so it's feasible that she too would have feelings for him.
  • Okazaki Tomoya/Sunohara Mei - When Mei was visiting her older brother Youhei, she and Tomoya spent time together, and Mei 'adopted' herself as his little sister for a while. In spite of her young age, a ship is feasible.
  • Okazaki Tomoya/Sunohara Youhei - When Mei tried to set up Nagisa with Tomoya, she misunderstood, and believed that Tomoya was in love with Sunohara, leading to a cutscene where they were both running along a beach, wearing nothing but heart patterned boxer shorts. This, and a few other instances, lead to a feasible shipping.
  • Sunohara Youhei/Sunohara Mei - Similar to the above instance, another misunderstanding led to the belief that Sunohara was experiencing the 'ultimate taboo' with his little sister.
  • Fujibayashi Kyou/Fujibayashi Ryou - the sisters are very close, and several subtle hints are dropped during the series, which could allude to Kyou's feelings for her sister.
  • Furukawa Sanae/Furukawa Akito - canon relationship
  • Sunohara Youhei/Furukawa Sanae - there is an episode where Sanae poses as Sunohara's girlfriend to appease his little sister Mei. So this ship is technically canon.
  • Sagara Misae/Yoshino Yousuke - it's implied that these two had a history, be it romantic or not. But it's enough for a ship.

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