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Name: Animaniacs
Creator: Steven Spielberg, Warner Bros.
Date(s): 1993-
Medium: Animated TV show
Country of Origin: USA
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Animaniacs is a comedy animation series that aired as part of the Fox Kids block before moving to Kids WB. The main focus was on the Warner Brothers (Yakko and Wakko) and the Warner sister Dot's wacky adventures, often satirizing other shows and pop culture in general. Each episode also featured skits with other characters, most notably Pinky and the Brain, who were spun-off into a show of their own.

In 2018, Hulu ordered a two-season revival.

There is also Animaniacs Live, a concert tour.


It was a "ratings smash, a critical darling and a cult hit all at once."[1] While very popular among children, it also drew adult audiences.

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