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Name: Uchiha Obito (うちはオビト ), Tobi (トビ), Uchiha Madara (うちはマダラ), Masked Man (仮面の男)
Occupation: Ninja
Relationships: Uchiha Clan (blood relatives)
Uchiha Madara (relative, collaborator)
Hatake Kakashi (rival turned friend turned enemy turned friend, former teammate)
Nohara Rin (friend, crush, former teammate)
Namikaze Minato (former squad leader)
Fandom: Naruto
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Uchiha Obito (うちはオビト) is a major character in the manga Naruto and its associated media.



Uchiha Obito of Team Minato


Tobi's corner of the fandom was perhaps emblematic of the pre-2010s randomcore subculture, not unlike the subfandom surrounding GIR of Invader Zim. He is strongly associated to the phrase "Tobi is a good boy", commonly found in many fanarts, fanfics and memes. This phrase led people to assume that Tobi referred to himself using the third person. Many fanfics of the time have this feature, which has survived to this day, albeit to a lesser extent (it prevails on Wattpad). The phrase however, is not Tobi's, but Zetsu's, so the use of Tobi speaking of himself in the third person is nothing more than an early misunderstanding of the source material.

Tobito Theory

The Tobito Theory, or ObiTobi Theory, was a popular fan theory that emerged as early as Tobi's first appearance in Chapter 280 of the manga.[1][2]

In the period immediately preceding the true reveal, Tobito was already widely accepted by fans.[3]


Obito is a divisive character. Some feel that he was an unsatisfying villain compared to other Naruto villains, and some feel that his redemption was unearned. Others feel that he is a tragic figure and a good foil to the protagonists.

As of September 2020, the "Tobi" filter and the "Obito" filter appear to have been merged on both FanFiction.Net and Archive of Our Own. This could perhaps cause mislabeling of older fan works in which Tobi is a separate character from Obito.[citation needed]

Fanon and Tropes Common to Fan Works

  • Randomcore crackfic was a staple of Tobi-centric works in the 2006-2009 era.
  • Tobi's identity is revealed—as Obito, Madara, or another character.
  • Obito is a fairly popular subject of the prominent time travel Peggy Sue corpus within Naruto fan fiction, whether he himself is sent back to prevent his past wrongdoings, or another party (Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura, etc) averts his fate.
  • Canon Divergence AU
    • Kannabi Bridge: Obito returns to Konoha with the rest of his team rather than being presumed KIA.
    • Rin survives.
    • Obito chooses to return to Konoha after Rin's death.


While very little was known about Tobi, that didn't stop him from being shipped.[4]

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