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Name: Hermitcraft
Abbreviation(s): HC
Creator: GenerikB
Date(s): 4/13/2012-Present
Country of Origin:
External Links: https://hermitcraft.com/
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Hermitcraft is a private Minecraft survival server. It was founded by GenerikB on April 13th, 2012. It was inspired by Mindcrack. Original members of the server include BDoubleO100, Keralis, Xisumavoid, and JoeHills (although he joined later into Season 1).

The server is split into seasons, there currently being 8 seasons to this day. Each season causes a world reset and new people joining and others leaving. There have been about 100 different people whitelisted on the server throughout the years, but as of November 6, 2ß21, there are 26 active members.