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Pairing: Dom Cobb/Mal
Alternative name(s): Mal/Cobb, Dom/Mal, Dom Cobb/Mal Cobb, Dom Cobb/Mal, Dom Cobb/Mallorie Cobb, C/M
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Inception
Canonical?: Yes, but Mal is dead and their relationship is shown via flashbacks and Cobb's interactions with his dream projection of Mal
Prevalence: Most popular het pairing and Mal pairing; equal or secondmost popular Cobb pairing after Arthur/Dom Cobb
Archives: None
Other: Often a side pairing in Arthur/Eames fic.
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The major emotional arc of Inception revolves around Dom Cobb and his guilt over the death of his wife Mal. After Mal commits suicide and Cobb flees the US to avoid arrest for her murder, Cobb takes a series of illegal dream extraction jobs while desperately searching for a way home to his two children. Filled with guilt and regret over his role in Mal's death, his dreams are haunted by her vengeful projection.


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Fics for Cobb/Mal explore what if Mal were right and the events of Inception were all Cobb's dream, how they got into shared dreaming, or their time together in Limbo. They are often a background or secondary pairing to Arthur/Eames. Due to Mal's canon death, a happily ever after ending is only possible in AUs.

Example Fanworks