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Name(s): WandaVision
Abbreviation(s): WV
Date(s): 2021
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WandaVision is a streaming television miniseries taking place after the events of the MCU movie Avengers: Endgame.




Several parallels have been drawn between the events and circumstances within Wandavision, and those in Once Upon A Time. Comparisons between Wanda and Regina in particular appeared quite common. [citation needed]

While the series was airing there was much fan discussion and theorising about the storylines. The appearance of Pietro Maximoff portrayed by Evan Peters sent the fandom into a tizzy. Peters had portrayed Quicksilver in the X-Men Movieverse, whereas Aaron Taylor Johnson had portrayed Wanda's now deceased brother in the MCU. Fans discussed the merits of the two different versions of Quicksilver, and what the appearance of Evan Peter's Quicksilver meant for the story, with many suspecting a universe crossover event. In the end that would prove to not be the case.


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