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Name: Rukia Kuchiki
朽木 ルキア Kuchiki Rukia
Occupation: Shinigami
Relationships: Hisana, older sister (deceased); Byakuya, adopted brother; Renji Abari (husband), Ichika Abari (daughter)
Fandom: Bleach
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Rukia in Canon


Fans displeased with the Soul Society arc, and Rukia's role as "damsel in distress."

Arrrrgh! Rukia has done nothing for something like ten volumes but sit around passively waiting to die, and now she just got rescued and passively carried away. Arrrrgh! [1]


Ichigo/Rukia very popular. Renji/Rukia. Byakuya/Rukia. Some Orihime/Rukia.

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