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Name(s): Nerdfighteria
Scope/Focus: vlogbrothers on YouTube
Date(s): 2007-present
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Nerdfighteria is the name for the fandom surrounding the vlogbrothers YouTube channel and its creators, John Green and Hank Green. The fandom is known for participating in fan activism with the help of the Greens, through events such as the Project for Awesome. The brothers' company is named Complexly.

Its fandom slogan is DFTBA, or "don't forget to be awesome".


Fan Activities

As early as 2007, the vlogbrothers community was engaged in participating in initiatves created by the brothers, silly as they may be. Less than four months into the channel's begginning, dozens of fans sent in videos of themselves with random items on top of their heads. [1] The book towers contest[2] is a later, similar example.

Nerdfigheria wiki

The Nerdfighteria wiki is a leader for the caption and transcription of videos by Hank, John, and/or Complexly.


Notably, the Nerdfighteria Discord server describes it as a "sort of Christmas, but held in July".

The Anthropocene Rescribbled

Although it shares the same acronym as John Green's non-fiction podcast "The Anthropocene Reviewed", this fan project involves an international game of telephone, with signups using ballpoint pens and markers (thus, the "Rescribbled" part of the fan activity), all in order to pass along a copy of the book version from its original sender back and forth across countries and borders, with the goal of having most of it intact. Since the project's start around 2021, the hardcover copy itself has travelled 30 countries and went through more than 900 sign-up events; its current location is on bound Eastern Australia. The blog documenting all of the project's updates and events can be found here.



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