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Name: John Michael Green
Also Known As:
Occupation: writer, youtuber
Works: The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns, An Abundance of Katherines, Will Grayson, Will Grayson, Vlogbrothers
Official Website(s): John Green Books
Fan Website(s):
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John Green is an American author and YouTuber. He works a lot with his brother Hank Green. Together, they helped to create Vidcon.

Fans of the Green brothers are called Nerdfighters; the fandom is Nerdfighteria.



On Tumblr

Green has maintained a Tumblr blog, fishingboatproceeds, since 2011. For a while, he was very active and generally liked on the site and often interacted with fans - even leading to memes like "make John Green find the thing", when Tumblr users wanted him to see a post, or "is that John Green" when he did.

By 2015 some feelings towards him or his fans had shifted. In a now-deleted post in 2015, Tumblr user virjn wrote that Green was "a creep who panders to teenage girls so that he can amass some weird cult-like following [...] he has a social media presence that is equivalent to that dad of a kid in your friend group who always volunteers to “supervise” the pool parties and scoots his lawn chair close to all the girls."[1]

Green reblogged and responded to the post on 11 June 2015, defending himself and stating that he would be limiting his use of Tumblr.[2] The initial post, Green's response, and discussion surrounding it have led to more cold feelings or even active dislike of Green on Tumblr outside of his own fandom: see the "john green hate" search term on Tumblr.



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