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Ren'Py is a game engine used to create visual novels. It is the most commonly used engine for English-language visual novels.

Game style typically involves clicking through an illustrated story from a first-person perspective, with occasional opportunities to make choices that affect where the story goes. The most common genre tends to be romantic, but there are also horror, sci-fi, or fantasy elements included in many of the games made with this engine.

Some Ren'Py generated visual novels have even become popular enough to spawn their own fanfiction and other transformative works, such as The Cinderella Phenomenon, which has more than fifty stories on Ao3 or Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem, with more than a 100.

Transformative works made with Ren'Py

  • Out of the Night by Flourish - an unusual Twin Peaks kinetic novel written in Ren'Py (2012)
  • Swooning Over Stans by sovonight. A Grunkle Dating Sim, a Gravity Falls fangame.
  • Undertale: Kissy Cutie by Xocolatl Games. A game about building friendship between humans and monsters. It is strongly recommended to play Undertale first.
  • Summer Rose Court by Summer Rose Studios. A RWBY Visual Novel, set in a fantasy alternate universe.
  • Of Dogs and Grumpy Lieutenants by smolalienbee. A short DBH fan game about puppies, androids and grumpy lieutenants. Made in around a week using Ren'Py. Short, sweet and very cute.