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I'm a retired technician who also writes role playing games and fanfic.

My web site -

My fanfic (Mostly crossovers):

On AO3

On Twisting the Hellmouth


By number of stories I've written mostly for:

Buffy and Angel, CSI, Doctor Who, Supergirl, Lois and Clark, Highlander, NCIS and Harry Potter - the full list runs to about a hundred fandoms.

A lot of my work has been in a few series:

  • Slayers / CSI Almost the first fanfic I wrote, a series of Buffyverse / CSI crossovers in which the Las Vegas Police Department becomes aware of the supernatural, and Las Vegas eventually becomes the base for Slayer operations post Buffy S7. 10 stories plus 2 that may be set in the same universe.
  • Dawn's Quickening Dawn Summers is a mystical energy being made flesh, whose blood can open portals to parallel worlds. The trouble is that she has to be killed to close them. So if her creators wanted the power to be used more than once, they have a bit of a problem. Fortunately there's an obvious solution... A long and by now very AU Buffyverse / Highlander / Harry Potter / Sopranos crossover, with lots of other cameo crossovers, plus a prequel and a sequel. The main story was written early in Angel S5 and well before the Harry Potter books were completed, makes a lot of BAD guesses about how the series will end, and is of the "throw in another plot twist every time the pace slows" school of plotting. Another early work.
  • Family Issues Willow had always assumed that her family were fairly normal... until the Men in Black turned up on Buffy's doorstep looking for them. Now she must learn the truth about her mysterious heritage; a heritage so bizarre that it will change the entire world. Two long stories crossing the Buffyverse with Men in Black and Lou Grant; I may write another but don't hold your breath...
  • The Metropolis Files Stories about Superman, mostly based on my favourite version, as seen in the TV series Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, but also based on the DC universe generally and on Superman Returns. These stories aren't connected in other ways. 12 stories.
  • Legend of the Slayer Dawn decides to write about Sunnydale... and her work is surprisingly influential. A "pure" Buffyverse story (somewhat metafic-ish) covering the next thousand or so years after Buffy S7, and two Doctor Who crossovers set against that background.
  • Saintly Matters Crossovers based on Leslie Charteris's long-running Saint novels and stories, and the TV series and films based on them. Six stories crossing The Saint with the Buffyverse, Good Omens, Doctor Who, and Lord Peter Wimsey. More to come.
  • Supergirl Returns - A year after the events of Superman Returns, another Kryptonian ship arrives. Crossing the DC movieverse (the Superman movies, Supergirl, and Batman Begins / The Dark Knight) with a LOT of other fandoms including NCIS, The West Wing, Bones, and Doctor Who. 14 stories, probably more to come.
  • London Calling When SHIELD fell there were unforeseen consequences, which included the unexpected release of Ethan Rayne and some unusual alliances. The Slayers have encountered Hydra before, and want payback... Marvel (MCU plus background X-Men etc.) / Buffyverse crossover series, one story plus one WIP.

I've also written a lot of drabbles, comment fic, etc., and started and contributed to a lot of round robins on Twisting the Hellmouth.

Three stories I wrote professionally for shared world anthologies in the nineties are on line here: