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Pairing: Del Tarrant/Dayna Mellanby
Alternative name(s): Dayna/Tarrant, Ta/D, D/Ta, D/T, T/D
Gender category: het, m/f
Fandom: Blake's 7
Canonical?: unclear
Prevalence: not very common, though the most common het pairing for both characters
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Fan Reactions

Of all the potential romances on board the Liberator, it might be argued that the most predictable and potentially sustainable is hardly even addressed. This is that between Tarrant and Dayna, B7's most readily likeable and least complex characters.

After all, it is presumably upon meeting the tall and dashing Tarrant in Powerplay that Dayna's initial attraction to Avon vanishes overnight, with no sign of her following up on the 'curiosity' of which she spoke on her home planet. Tarrant and Dayna obviously have an affinity for each other and appear comfortable in each other’s company, to the extent witnessed in Ultraworld where they are able to playfully pretend to be in the early stages of sex with no obvious embarrassment at the time or later.

The prospect of mutual involvement would not appear to have raised any serious dramatic difficulties for the characters of Tarrant and Dayna. Moreover, a crew which included them as a couple would not have been destabilised significantly in the way that might have been the case if, say, Avon had become involved with a crew member.

Why then did they not become involved? Although in many ways Tarrant and Dayna seem natural lovers, they lack the on-screen chemistry apparent between some other potential couples. [1]