Sheila Willis

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Name: Sheila Willis
Type: fan writer, filker, fan artist, and fanzine publisher
Fandoms: Blake's 7, Robin of Sherwood, Star Trek, Professionals, Star Wars
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Sheila Willis was a fan writer, a filker, (a member of Technical Difficulties) fan artist and a fanzine publisher. She died in 2013.

Notable Works

Sheila Willis co-edited 5th Season, a Blake’s 7 fanfic zine, and contributed art to other zines celebrating the tv show, including Southern Seven and Vault of Tomorrow.

Fan Comments

  • "Julia Ecklar does a wonderful performance of Sheila's "Elizabeth's Song" on her new album Horsetamer. I decided it was my favorite track on the album before noticing it was by Sheila (though I knew it was a Technical Difficulties number)." [1]

Memories and Recollections

Deb Walsh's announcement in the second 2013 MediaWest*Con progress report:

Sheila Willis passed away in March from a heart attack. Folks who've been around since the '80s will remember her as the editor of the Blake's 7 'zine Fifth Season, plus a bunch of other 'zines, including a number of Professionals titles. She was also a prolific artist and writer. She was also one-third of the filk trio, Technical Difficulties (with TJ Burnside and Linda Melnick). You'd often see Sheila running around cons in her trademark surgical scrubs. A bundle of energy and a force of nature, Sheila never did anything by halves. She ultimately dropped out of active media fandom involvement. She continued to work as a nurse, most recently as a children's OR nurse. Sheila and I didn't always agree, and sometimes we were in competition, but she was a good-hearted person who lived large, and contributed a lot to our fannish heritage. She will be missed. [2]



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