Technical Difficulties (filk group)

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You may be looking for the Quantum Leap zine Temporary Difficulties Beyond Our Control... Please Stand By.

Name: Technical Difficulties
Members: Sheila Willis, Linda Melnick and T.J. Burnside
Focus: filk
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the 1986 filk tape "Please Stand By"

Technical Difficulties was a filk group composed of Sheila Willis, Linda Melnick and T.J. Burnside.

In 1989, they won the Pegasus Award ("For Excellence In Filking") in the Best Performer category at the Ohio Valley Filk Fest convention and had been nominated for the award the year earlier in 1988. They produced two albums on cassette, Please Stand By (filk tape) and Station Break. One of their songs was also featured on Maggie Nowaskowa's compilation filk tape Dragon's Jedi Filk Tapes. In 2007, 2/3 of the group reunited to sign at the GAFilk convention. A recording of them singing the Star Wars filk song Come You Knights at the 1986 WorldCon can be heard on Youtube here with lyrics here, Archived version[1] Another recording from that same convention Technical Difficulties, Part II: The Hallelujah Chorus can be heard here.


"What are your Most Unforgettable Filk Moments, as listener or performer? I was a teenager at about my fourth con, and I didn't really know anything about filk or pay much attention to it, and I was bored and didn't have anything to do, so I wandered the halls. Wandering the halls with me, on the ground floor, was a tall, thin, utterly striking blonde lady who looked like she was casing the joint. When she found what she was looking for -- a section of lobby with someplace to sit and nobody sitting there -- she occupied it, along with a couple of other young women, and they pulled out instruments then and there. I hung around, curious. A few other pepole did too, not many. When they'd gotten the guitars in tune, the trio began to sing... and by the time they were done with the first song, there were more than a hundred people gathered in that lobby awestruck. The blonde was T.J. Burnside, the group was Technical Difficulties, which few people at the time had heard of, and the song was the brand-new "Lullaby For A Weary World," which had been performed before that all of about twice, and virtually nobody who was in that hallway had ever heard it. They went on to do some other stuff, mostly as an advertisement for their concert the following day -- which worked; the place was *packed*. The song, of course, won the Pegasus later that year. At the time, I didn't have the foggiest idea what I'd walked in on, but it was my introduction to the concept that the music of the SF community was not entirely composed of parodies based on books or TV shows I hadn't read, and it was what made me a filk fanatic in the course of three minutes in the hotel lobby." Source: Naomi in the thread Unforgettable Filk Moments Sept 26, 2001.

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