Dragon's Jedi Filk Tapes

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Filk Album
Album Title: Dragon's Jedi Filk Tapes
Producer: Maggie Nowakowska
Type: Studio
Medium: Tape
Fandom: Star Wars
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Dragon's Jedi Filk Tapes is a collection of early Star Wars filk songs and filk covers of popular songs put together by Maggie Nowakowska.

Track listing

Side A: Celebration, beginning with a Dab of Humor

Side B: Cautionary Tales, with a last Dab of Humor

Side A: Full Moon Stuff

Side B: Loving Stuff, after a Bit of Perspective

Side A (No side captions)

  • We are the Wave (Harry Belafonte, Harry Belefonte '89)
  • Circle of the Sun (Sally Rogers, Circle of the Sun)
  • The Circle Game (Joni Mitchell)
  • La Petit Fleur (Deuter) [I have always thought that this bittersweet tune would work as great background music to old Luke's last moments among people and his memories before he disappears into the starry night and is never seen again....]
  • God is Alive/Magic is Afoot (Leonard Cohen; Buffy Sainte Marie does my fav version on Up Where We Belong)
  • Step by Step (Sweet Honey in the Rock, The Other Side)
  • Rise Up [I have no idea—too many songs with this title to easily find online]
  • Join Together (Washington Squares, The Complete Washington Squares)
  • The Pride of Man (Orig: Quicksilver Messenger Service; my pref: Washington Squares, ibid)
  • Like the Snow (Sidney Carter, from Lovely in the Dances, various singers [great album!])

Side B

  • La Ruve de Fortune (Washington Squares, ibid)
  • Quertico (Sally Rogers, Claudia Schmidt, Closing the Distance)
  • Prince of Darkness (Indigo Girls, Indigo Girls)
  • After All (Garnet Rogers, Speaking Softly in the Dark)
  • Julian of Norwich (Carter, ibid)
  • All Over the World (Washington Squares, ibid)
  • Starwalker (Buffy ste. Marie, Coincidence and Likely Stories, YouTube version)
  • Let it Be Your Lullaby (Bright Morning Star, Sweet & Sour) [obscure east coast group w/ Bill Oliver from early 90s]
  • So May We All (Bright Morning Star, ibid)
  • One Particular Harbor (Jimmy Buffet, One Particular Harbor)
  • Which One Is Which? [third set of lyrics down page] (Sidney Carter, ibid)
  • Blessing (Rogers, Schmidt, ibid)