You Ought to Be in Pictures

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Title: You Ought to Be in Pictures
Author(s): Rhapsodie
Date(s): November 1994
Fandom: Blake's 7
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You Ought to Be in Pictures is a Blake's 7 Tarrant/Dayna, Tarrant/Soolin, Tarrant/Servalan story by Rhapsodie.

It was published in Southern Comfort #8.5.

Some of the illustrations that accompanied this story were also used for the story 'Sand Sculptures' by Cami, published in the same issue of Southern Comfort.

Reactions and Reviews

A very silly thing in which Tarrant is (PGP) working as a romance video hero and gets in trouble when his employers find the sex tapes he made on the Liberator. The fantasy sex things are amusing if you like that sort of thing - and I do! Dayna's (which is the most realistic - basically, Blake's 7 played as a cheap porn) is my favourite.[1]