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Serial Killers often appear in fictional media and in true crime documentaries. Fan created works including them are often based on source materials featuring serial killers. This includes criminal dramas, or source materials featuring canon serial killers or assassins.

Real person fiction based on serial killers is rare. However the portrayal of real life serial killers in fictional media can lead to fanfiction featuring that character. For example, American Horror Story is an anthology series that includes real life killers as characters, like Richard Ramirez. This leads to fanfiction featuring Ramirez that is not tagged as RPF. Some fic authors also use tags to make it explicit that they are basing their work on a fictional character.

A serial killer AU is a type of alternate universe in which characters who are not serial killers in canon are serial killers. Visual serial killer AU fanworks, such as fanart or manips, commonly involve showing a character looking bloodied and/or sadistic.


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Many books and TV series also have canon serial killers in their source material. For example:

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