Kittens Are Either With Us Or Against Us

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Title: Kittens Are Either With Us Or Against Us
Author(s): Jayde
Date(s): June 2009
Length: 11 chapters
Genre: horror
Fandom: Hanson
External Links: necrabilism @ LJ,

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Kittens Are Either With Us Or Against Us is a Hanson fanfic written under the anonymous username Necrabilism and posted in 2009. In November 2015, Jayde reposted the story under her real username.[1]

The story centers around the detective Zachary Walker's attempts to capture the serial killer Taylor Hanson, and features highly descriptive details of kidnapping, torture, murder and cannibalism. As there was a lot of contempt between het and cest fans in the fandom at this time[2], this story seemed to be written purely to shock readers and somehow prove to het fans that there were worse things a story could contain than incest. LiveJournal user tumbling_down pointed this out in her post to the Hanfic Rants community:[3]

I'm sick of being attacked for absolutely no reason just because I have written hancest. Like, I wrote about two people in an incestuous relationship so that makes me less of a person? O_o People write about murder and cannibalism and necrophilia. People write about everything...incest probably isn't the worst thing out there and it definitely doesn't give you any indication of who I am or what I believe and/or think.

Reactions and Reviews

"Did you need to be so tough?" - The answer is, clearly, yes. If this story could have been written another way, it would have been. The actual plot of a story is only a small portion of the craft of creative writing. The horrific details, the specifics that we assume to be true because we have no experience with them, but we can vividly imagine them all the same... yes, all of that did need to be included. That is the (pardon my pun) meat of the story. Do you propose that it be published without those details? Cause I gotta tell you.. nobody would want to read that. If it was strictly plot, with none of these juicy descriptions to make us wince and make our stomaches turn, it would be really freaking boring.

So yes, it is gross to read. But that's the point of it. That's what this story is about. If you don't like it, feel free to go back to your traditional, boring, overdone Mary Sue stories. If you don't want to read this, just... y'know, don't. No need to be rude to the writer.[4]

Details are nice but jesus h christ I almost lost my lunch whenever I read that fic. It was very well written, but it's not for everyone. Which is a good note that people should stick to: not everything is for everyone, and you should just let sleeping dogs lie. I mean, if it's an issue for someone to read Hancest, then don't read it, just like I won't read things that don't interest me. While it was too graphic for my tastes, the cannibal fic interested me enough to read through. But it's not something that I would normally read. [5]


Kittens won awards in the Thieves and Liars Awards. It is also featured in the hall of fame.


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