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Name(s): True Crime Community, TCC, True Crime, Serial Killers Fandom
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The True Crime Community is the fandom centered on notorious criminals, particularly serial killers. The fandom focuses on real lives and events as well as media based on true crime. This type of fandom is distinct from a general interest in stories of true crime because they are based on an admiration for the perpetrators of the crime, as is they were celebrities, sympathizing with the criminal over the victims. These fans are sometimes know and "groupies" of criminals.

"True Crime Community" is the name preferred by members of the group. Those not in the community generally refer to them as Serial Killer Fandoms.


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Popular activities in the TCC are reviewing the details of crimes, learning about details of the criminals background and early personal life, and understanding the criminal's motivations by reading/watching their statements, manifestos, trials, etc. Learning about the childhood and family life of criminals in one of the major ways that they are humanized by fans.

There are different groups within the TCC interested in different kinds of criminals. A focus Serial Killers or School Shooters are some of the most common.

Some of the criminals with the largest fan followings are Charles Manson, Ted Bundy (whose fandom is known as Tednation), Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Ramirez, John Wayne Gacy, etc.


These fans are sometimes know and "groupies" of criminals.


Relation to Fiction

There are many works of fiction that center on criminals and killers, and also many works that are based on real killers. See Serial Killers for more on specific fandoms.

Works Based on Criminals:


The True Crime Community and related fandoms are extremely controversial because, evidently, these fans are showing support for murderers.

Those in the TCC rarely engage with the many arguments against their interests. They either simply do not care about these people committed crimes, or find reasons to downplay or justify their actions. Mental illness is often used to defend a criminal's actions in order to argue that the criminal was not responsible for his actions or was also suffering. Fans generally avoid addressing the suffering of those victimized and murdered.

There are others who believe that these people are not actually criminals, subscribing to conspiracy theories that these people were forced by law enforcement or others to admit to crimes they did not commit.


TCC fans' acceptance of crimes is based on the romanticization of their actions. Fans have a generally abnormal perception of the severity and effects of violence. They often focus on the emotions and "passion" of the criminals.

Media Influence on Serial Killers

Racism and Sexism

Statistically, the majority of serial killers and mass murderers are white males, who are often driven by misogyny or racism. Victims of these people are disproportionately female; along with women, people of color are often specifically targeted.

Fans are accused of feeding into the established patriarchy and white supremacy of society by holding white men less accountable for their actions, and by dismissing the suffering of non-white and non-male victims.

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