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Name: Falsettos
Creator: William Finn and James Lapine
Date(s): 1992 onward
Medium: Musical
Country of Origin: US
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Falsettos is a musical by William Finn and James Lapine. It focuses on Marvin and his dysfunctional family, a group of Jewish New Yorkers in the 1970's and 1980's. It is considered one of the pivotal stories in Gay and Jewish representation on a Broadway stage. The original Broadway production opened on April 29, 1992 and closed on June 27, 1993.[1] The revival production, starring Christian Borle, Andrew Rannells, Stephanie J. Block, and Brandon Uranowitz, opened on October 27, 2016, and closed on January 8, 2017.[2]


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Falsettogate is a name given to controversy and conversation surrounding the 2019 West End production of Falsettos. It featured no Jewish people on its creative team, nor did it cast any Jewish people in the roles. This was particularly upsetting to many Jewish fans and critics alike, as they felt that in a show so heavily focused on Jewish life and rife with self-depracting Jewish humor, it would be impossible to portray that accurately with no Jewish insight.[3]

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