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Name: Bee and PuppyCat
Creator: Natasha Allegri
Date(s): 2013-
Medium: 2D Animation
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: - Official Site
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Bee and PuppyCat is an animated cartoon created and produced by Natasha Allegri, who was known for her work as an artist on Adventure Time (and for creating fan-favorite genderswap versions of its main characters).

The web series was originally released on Youtube by Federator Studios following a successful Kickstarter campaign. In 2022, Netflix released an adapted version of the series, along with new episodes, as "Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space". In January 2023, 50% of the show's stake was acquired by Toho.


The show follows Bee, a young woman who was recently fired from her job at a cat cafe. She comes across PuppyCat, who appears to be a cat/dog hybrid and speaks in a strange alien language (voiced by Vocaloid program Oliver) and decides to adopt him. The bell that PuppyCat wears around his neck allows him to teleport to space, where an intergalactic temp agency assigns him and Bee work on various planets. Over the course of the show, more details are revealed about both characters' pasts, as well as the mysterious island where they live.


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Fan Cookbook

The official "Easy Eats: A Bee and PuppyCat Cookbook" by Natasha Allegri is a rare item for which many fans are searching[1]. In auctions, a mint can be listed up to 800 USD[2]

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