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Name(s): The Two Princes
Date(s): 2019-?
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The Two Princes is a LGBTQ fantasy podcast produced by Gimlet Media in partnership with The Trevor Project.


The podcast tells the story of Prince Rupert and Prince Amir, heirs to warring thrones who venture into a mysterious forest to save their respective realms from a terrible curse. In the face of deadly dangers and ruthless villains, the princes are forced to team up, coming to the realization that following their hearts may be even harder than saving their kingdoms could ever be.

It currently has three seasons of seven episodes each, and there are talks about adapting the story into an animated movie. [1]

why you should listen to „the two princes“ podcast:

- basically everyone is gay
- cute and sassy characters
- medieval vibe
- dragons!
- a „lady knight“, yeah!
- three seasons fully available (perfect for binging!)
- lots of singing in the third season
- modern topics well transferred into middle age context [2]



The fandom seem to be more active on Tumblr and Twitter. As of 16 September 2021, there are 171 works in the fandom tag on AO3. The most popular pairing in the fandom is Amir/Rupert, also referred to as Rumir.


rumir is the perfect relationship because it’s these two guys who pretend to be ✨tall dark and mysterious✨ on a quest to ✨save the realm from darkness✨ but one of them named his theifsona after his dog whom he spoils constantly and the other has a p.h.D. in cheesey pet names. call the two princes podcast Hannah Montana because we get the best of both worlds. [3]

Tropes & Genres

The podcast itself already relies on many known tropes like enemies to lovers, slow burn, pining, memory loss, and fake identity. Many fanworks like to explore what's already established in canon, mainly the sweet relationship between the princes.[4] Other tropes the fandom seem to enjoy include:

LGBTQ Representation

One of the main things that bring people to the fandom is the relationship between Rupert and Amir. Fans feel represented not only in the story between the princes but also in the subversion of tropes involving secondary characters like Joan, the lady knight, or Cecily, and many see the podcast as positive representation of the LGBTQ community in the media. [5] [6][7]

[...] No, I cried because, at the age of 18, in the year 2021, I finally felt seen by a piece of media for the very first time.
Not only did I see myself for the first time, I saw myself as I’ve always dreamed to be represented. I saw the representation that I dreamed of.
Those of y'all who have felt that feeling will know what I mean. For those of you who haven’t, let me tell you: it’s the best feeling ever. [...] [8]

Kevin Christopher Snipes, writer of the series says that he wanted to write a story that told children that "there was no wrong way to love" in which two princes could end up together. [9] Noah Galvin, who voices Rupert also has talked about the importance of queer characters in media.[10]



  • Satin Pillowcases and Cuddly Princes by solangelams. “One thing that Rupert learnt about Amir was that he was irrefutably, unconditionally, indubitably, a morning person.” OR Adorable morning cuddles between my two favourite princes!
  • Pet Names and Pet's Names by star_ish (Iloquence). Amir has noticed that he’s been accidentally calling Rupert by his fake name, which creates awkward situations and confusion. He’s determined to overcome this habit. Rupert wants to find the perfect pet name for Amir, but almost every single one is dismissed by his future husband. He makes a list of all the possible pet names he could use and pitches them at Amir, but it seems that his plan isn’t working very well.
  • Bedtime Rituals by Mx_Riley_Silversun. Rupert and Amir get ready for bed - one of them taking his sweet time and the other teasing him about it. Cuteness ensues.




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