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Pairing: Gaara x Uzumaki Naruto
Alternative name(s): GaaNaru, NaruGaa
Gender category: Yaoi
Fandom: Naruto
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Gaara x Naruto is a pairing in Naruto fandom between Uzumaki Naruto, the protagonist of the series and Gaara, one of the first antagonists who ended up becoming Naruto's friend. They are shipped together because both characters have had difficult and lonely pasts, and have shared traumatic experiences of being jinchuuriki (having a tailed beast sealed within), such as rejection and loneliness. Eventually they both become the leaders of their respective villages.


There are some scenes in canon that can be interpreted as Gaara being jealous of Sasuke. Gaara says in one occasion to Naruto that Sasuke doesn't care about him. Also he looks miserable when he learns that Naruto is going to get married to Hinata.[1]

Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Fluff and slice of life: Some fanworks depict any kind everyday moments and interactions between Gaara and Naruto, in AU or canonverse. These stories explore their relationship in mundane, domestic settings.
  • Hurt/Comfort: One common theme is the idea that Naruto's presence and friendship help Gaara heal from his traumatic past and his struggles with his inner demon, Shukaku. Stories often focus on the shared experiences of being jinchuriki and the emotional scars that come with it.
  • Enemies to Friends to lovers: In the source material they are enemies at first. Some works follow the canon bases on this regard before Gaara and Narutobecome close friends and gradually develop their relationship into a romantic one.
  • Alternate Universe: AUs are popular in fan fiction and fan art. GaaNaru AUs can place the characters in different settings or time periods, such as high school, or adult modern life.
  • Love Triangle: Normally Sasuke is involved, or is Naruto's ex.

Example Fanworks


  • All Falls Down by crooked sixpence (2004) Sasuke and Naruto are finally together, but a blow to the head causes Naruto to forget everything, including his relationship with Sasuke. Not too far away, Gaara thinks it's time to step into the picture and take what's his.
  • Feeling by Kaira-chan (2004) What could a boy, who doesn't quite know his emotions, feel for a certian blond haired ninja?
  • Pranksters by tsusami (2008) It started with a little prank and quickly got out of control...
  • Paper Airplanes by thatreevesgirl (2008) In an attempt to woo Sakura, Naruto accidentally kisses his friend in a moment of angry passion.
  • HYSTERIA by balinase2 (2009) So what if he has friends or a father? That doesn't soothe the emptiness inside. No one can help with that. So just let him be alone with his music... and the one that comes with it... Smut.
  • monogatari by bimmyou (2013) One day he quits the Kazekage position, looks to the horizon, and disappears.
  • hearts held in hands by spideywhiteys (2021) Kidfic

Fanfiction in Other Languages


  • PILLOW TALK by Hundred.(百) circle. August 14, 2009 (C77)


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